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Baseball Hall of Fame vote puts Bonds & Clemens in purgatory

Barry-bonds-skinnyThe vote is in, and absolutely not a single player has made the cut for the class of 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. That should be good for business, and make for a thrilling Hall of Fame weekend in Cooperstown come this July. 

Nerds 1, Jocks 0

Only Houston Astros second baseman Craig Biggio came close; he was 29 votes shy of induction. This will be the first time since 1996 since no one has been elected.

The whole steroid thing clouds the issue. For the first time both Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were on the ballot, and neither made it due largely (entirely?) because they have been linked to 'roids.

I do not have a Hall of Fame vote, and if I did I would put neither men on the ballot until their final year of eligibility. Just to make them sweat. And because it would be fun.

It does not help that both of these men acted like petulant, arrogant jerks to the vast majority of the members of the media who have a votes. Bonds' reputation with the media was, at best, surly. He could be nasty, rude, and even a bit threatening. Clemens was a little bit better, but not by a lot.

It is zero secret that when members of the media vote for awards such as these they are often influenced by their personal interaction with the potential inductee; there is a reason why former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Clemens83Couple a nasty attitude with an overwhelming amount of evidence that says these men juiced and you have today's results - two men with more than enough achievement to merit a first-ballot consideration despite their baggage.

Even had both Bonds and Clemens treated the covering media like, say, a Tom Glavine or a David Cone, each of whom were unfailingly polite and decent, there is so much evidence against Bonds/Clemens that an endearing personality may not have been able to sway many voters.
It would, however, certainly not have hurt.

I fully expect both Bonds and Clemens to one day receive enough votes to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
I also fully expect the voting members to make them sweat it out in purgatory. 

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i usually read your blog, but that picture of Bonds says it all. bonds is insane. the guy took more drugs than mcjagger, chris benoit, and ben johnson combined. look at him. what else needs to be said. he is a total joke.

Troy Claycamp

I think the real tragedy today is the fact that Dale Murphy gets so little respect. Here's a guy with very solid numbers that was a two-time MVP and he got less votes than both Clemens and Bonds.

free agent

Better baseball thru better chemistry.


If these two steroid freaks get in Pete Rose should be inducted. Pete is like most people; two arms, two legs and four-thousand hits.


I think I absorb steroids and hgh just looking at Clemens and Bonds.

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