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Bill Callahan did a terrible job of throwing that Super Bowl

Callahan-riceRetired Oakland Raiders WR Tim Brown whining and complaining about his team's head coach in the 48-21 loss in Super Bowl XXXVII in 2003 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is not new. He has been doing this for years.

(BTW - Tim, you are up for the Pro Football Hall of Fame voting next weekend; this recent rant that implies then head coach Bill Callahan threw this game is not going to help your cause. It will probably kill it.)

Now former teammate Jerry Rice, who currently works next to 83,323 former NFL players as an analyst for ESPN, is agreeing with Brown that Callahan sabotaged the Raiders' chances of winning that game; some stupid BS that Callahan didn't like the Raiders and he wanted to see Bucs' coach Jon Gruden win a title.

The Cowboys offensive assistant was not thrilled with the accusations. In a statement released by the team, Callahan said: "To leave no doubt, I categorically and unequivocally deny the sum and substance of their allegations. Like every game I ever coached on the professional or collegiate level, I endeavor to the best of my professional ability to position my team to win. To suggest otherwise, especially at this time when it involves the Super Bowl, is ludicrous and defamatory. I have always honored the spirit of competition that drives us to sport as children and, for the lucky few, sustains us in adulthood.

"Any suggestion that I would undermine the integrity of the sport that I love and dedicated my life to, or dishonor the commitment I made to our players, coaches and fans, is flat-out wrong. I think it would be in the best interests of all, including the game America loves, that these allegations be retracted immediately."

2003SuperbowlIf Callahan was trying to throw that game he would have tried to make it look close. The score was 20-3 at the half. The Raiders had 11 first downs in the game and a total of 269 yards.

This may be the worst ever example of throwing a game - the score has to be close to throw off the dogs. Not only did Callahan's Raiders fail to win that Super Bowl, or make it close, they couldn't even make it compelling entertainment for the gamblers. Hell, after Shania Twain was done mailing in her halftime performance I was done with that game.

(Full disclosure - I never knew Twain was a singer before that game. I just thought she was some hot Canadian who ran around on stages.)

This is the problem: Rice caught five passes for 77 yards and Brown caught one pass for nine yards.

These two boobs ranting about a coach tossing a game is another example of two diva wide receivers who are convinced that if every ball went their way the game's outcome would have been different. Tim Brown, bless his heart, always had a big mouth. Jerry Rice is pretty convinced he invented football.

This may be the dumbest accusation in the history of stupid. This is no different than some of the crazy conspiracies that had Oakland A's manager Tony LaRussa throwing the 1990 World Series against the underdog Cincinnati Reds.

Sometimes the other team just kicks your ass. 

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Rice is an ex-jock commentator now. He has to fill air time with lame observations. It's a job requirement, evidently.

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