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Burger review: Maple & Motor good & a victim of grandiose expectations

IMG_1775DALLAS, Texas - Before walking into the popular Maple and Motor in Dallas the expectations were that this place offers the best cheeseburger ever created. 

The burgers are indeed good, but having received so much positive publicity over the last couple of years the expectations are a bit ... off the charts. No cheeseburger is that good.

I ordered the cheeseburger and fries and was pleased enough. The only rub is that this place has been recognized as having the best burger in the area; can't go that far. It's very good, and worth the trip, but tap the brakes on "the best".

The burger, which is made to order, is solid and there is nothing that is put on that takes away from the flavor of the ground beef. The fries are well seasoned.  The onion rings are dynamite; they taste like a warm, crispy donut encased over sauteed onions. Just writing that sentence made me fatter.

IMG_1776This place attracts a wide variety of burger lovers, from Highland Park's pretty people to the blue collar crowd. The decor is clean and retro, and offers enough space to order at the counter and eat at the table.

The fountain drinks are old school Dublin flavors.

Expect a line if you go at the high traffic times.
Expect a good burger.
Just don't expect the best burger in the history of the world. 


Maple & Motor
4810 Maple Ave.
Dallas, Texas 75219


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Best Burger Ever

You are a Communist. This hamburger has been touched by God. It's simply the best burger ever, ever, ever in the history of burgers and for all time.


The cheeseburgers are really good (great) and the chicken sandwiches are in my opinion just as good. The onion rings as you said are closing in on "god-like". I like the idea of having only one flavor shake. Vanilla. My favorite flavor. The place is always spotless clean and the service is great for the amount of burgers that fly across the counter on a daily basis. The old school soft drinks is a real deal that keeps me coming back. If I just had to complain about something it would be the line you have to wait in, but you get that at any place that is popular and has good food. Some people say Jack is conceited and all that. Well most food place owners are too. It's just that Jack can back his up with the goods. Keep them coming Jack!

burger boy

You are insane. Best burger I have ever eaten. I would rather eat a buger from Maple & Motor than see my mother reach her next birthday. Their burgers are that good. Go back to Kansas. You are a hack.

Dr. Russell G. Fisher, cardiologist fort worth, tx

Their burgers are worth all 3 of the stints I've had and the angioplasty. It's been worth every damn bite.

Ron R. Smith of Texas

I agree with the author. You don't want to over state it. But this is undeniabley the best tasting burger I have ever eaten in my entire life. While I have climbed mountains, help cure seemingly incurable diseases, raised 4 kids, spent my entire life with my high school sweet heart; there is still nothing that I have enjoyed more than the Bacon n' Swiss at Maple & Motor. Their burgers are truely heaven on earth.

Jack Perkins

Be nice to Mac. It's easier of you don't come to this review with the idea that he's a good writer.


I take cholesterall meds so I can eat here. Love it. A shorter, unhealthier life is well worth the burgers I eat here.

Codey S. at TCU

When it comes to hamburgers I will trust anybody that calls themself the "Big Mac of Love" or has a blog named "The Big Mac Blog."

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