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Casey Pachall's return "not a done deal yet"

Sw17-v2pachallcasey-25-4_3_r560(I have no idea what I will possibly write about when this story is finished ...)

TCU's spring semester begins Jan. 14 and apparently Horned Frogs quarterback Casey Pachall is "working hard, continuing the process."

One person familiar with the situation said, "It's still a work in progress. It's not a done deal yet."

According to a pair of sources, Pachall is not back with the team as he has yet to finish the treatment program outlined for him after he left TCU in October. 

It does appear as if Pachall has done all nearly all of the required work in order to school and re-join the football team. 

There were a lot of false rumors that Pachall had returned to practice and even spoken to the team. That's not the case. He remains living away from Fort Worth with a family member where he attends an out-patient clinic.

Pachall has already begun the process of re-enrolling, but there are some remaining hoops to be cleared - namely, medical professionals conferring with the school about Pachall, and how head coach Gary Patterson wants to proceed, not to mention the shortest of short leashes that will be granted by the administration.

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Why wouldn't he be admitted back on the team? He completed his "sentence".The problem I have is with the holier than thou sportswriters of the S-T. I don't recall even a single article about Manziel and his drunken barfight or giving the police false ID. Nothing but kudos for winning the heisman. BS! Pachell deserves to be on this team and anyone who thinks otherwise is talking out of both sides of their mouth.


It is so sad to see articles from this ST 'Sports Authority' continually putting a damper on Pachall versus assisting in offering encouraging words to someone who without question messed up - more than once. But who among us, aside from this "Authority in all things Right", has not erred in our lives. Everyone deserves the opportunity to get past mistakes and live a better life thereafter. Casey is no different. He is a young person who screwed up and hopefully has/will learn from his mistakes. I would imagine no one is more regretful of his erring way than he himself. So, get off his case in your negative manner and write something positive for a change.....A 77 year old who has not been perfect in his life either...RDH

Newbomb Turk

Rehab isn't about just "doing the time," valtwin. It's about a major life, attitude, and behavioral change. I hope he's shown his doctors enough progress so that everyone involved can agree to let him re-enroll. I'm hoping that for his sake most of all. What we as fans want is secondary.

Chris Ranley

Casey and his magical arm are the best thing to hit this campus in forever. I say take him back even if he has problems. He is a talent that is well worth the risk.

Jennifer @ TCU



If Casey Pachall wants to come back to TCU, let him. The guy has taken a bashing from the media and fans alike for the last few months and gone through rehab. I would say he has earned one last shot. Also, I do not think he would not have began the process to re-enroll if he did not believe he would be able to come back. With him, we can win the Big XII next year. Without him, it's another crappy season and we are going to be EMBARRASSED by LSU in front of a national audience. Remember what happened to Michigan last year? I don't want that for TCU.

TCU alum

Yea let him join the team as backup QB. TCU's new QB Boykin did a great job and should continue to improve. This just proves if you screw up there's someone who CAN fill your shoes.


I think Coach Patterson and TCU handled this situation the absolute right way. You don't see news about the A&M boy because you aren't in A&M territory and he doesn't attend one of the greatest Christian private universities in the world. Casey does, however, and perhaps he has handled this issue with greater integrity than some folks in this very forum discussing how he should return. He has kept his thoughts quiet and personal and perhaps that is how it should be. This has been a struggle for him, most assuredly, and should he complete his task and return to our fine institution and beloved Hornfrog team, then I would assume as many people will, that he has bettered himself and wants to be a part of a great team and extraordinary institution. I would also agree that Boykin did a great job this season and it was an excellent reminder that one man doesn't make a team. There are many great men on the field at TCU - it is not up to any solitary man to carry the entire organization to victory. It is the collective soul of the fighting hearts that they all possess that makes them great. Go Frogs!

Jim Wild Thang at TCU

We gotta have our main boy back. Casey has got the grip to let it rip. We need his arm, his head, and his leadership.

Lindsey J. of Preston Hollow


Why are you so mean??? Why don't you say something nice about Casey! He is tall and nice to everybody. Everbody likes him. All you ever do is bring up the past and never any of the good things about Casey the person. He helps people and is always really nice. You should call this "The I hate Casey Blog" or "The Big Jerk Blog" or something like that. I don't mean to be mean, because I am not a mean person, but Casey is nice and I hope will start writing nice things about him or move back to Kansas or where ever you come from.


Funny how all you Froggies can't see it the right way.


He cost the team a BCS birth. Let him be Trevone's towel boy.


Casey is a lightening rod of controversy. He has an arm and a load of potential. But he made some bad choices and blew it. I'd love to see him back but he is a potential distraction. I say, sever our ties and move on. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


He is probably a good kid that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I say give him another chance. It's only football. People take all that stuff way to serious. Let him play and if he messes up let him go. I don't understand what all the hub-bub is about.

Michael Diaz

The media is bashing him for sure BUT, this to me is part of the punishment phase. I, more than anybody want CP back. I am a fan of TCU Horned Frogs till I die and I honestly believe we would have won all but maybe one of the games this season had CP been at his best. There are two ways CP can take this, he can say OMG I'm a beast and they can't do it without me or he can be remorseful, get help (which I want the most for CP) and come back and prove everybody wrong. Let me leave with this, is there a better coach in the country that coaches up the underdog and have them coming out smelling like roses? Coach Patterson has made is career taking kids that major colleges pass and placing a chip on their shoulder. Maybe Coach Patterson can place the same chip on CP shoulder and challenge him to prove all the critics wrong. Therefore, I hope all the negative press is CP's fuel for a return. In Coach Patterson I trust, if he allows CP back, he gets 100% of my fandom. If he does not allow CP back, he still gets 100 % ofy fandom.

Dixon Street Dallas

CP can flat out play. He has heart, the skills, and some bad habits. If you want talent you gotta take some baggage with it. I like his style. He is popular with the ladies, likes to party, have a little fun, and throw the pig skin. I say let him play. He probably needs to relax. Let him go to rehab. Do his bit there. Then let him loosen up a little, have some fun, then settle in and be our Quarterback. If you got skills, which is what this league is all about, then I'm kool with a little fun on the side.

Leonard Lynn Casey, Fort Worth

Let's be sensible people. He is a young guy, talented, and foolish. He made some poor choices. Hopefully he is getting the help he needs to get his life back on track. Not many people get opportunities like CP has in front of him. I for one would love to see him make it back and more. I don't think what he has done is irreversable. I see it as an opportunity. Not one of us can say we have lived a perfect life. We all make mistakes. It's now 'if' we make a mistake. It's how we bounce back from mistakes that define. I say, bring the kid back and see what he has made of hiimself. We should all be so lucky as to have a good support group around us when we mess up. I believe TCU can be that special place for Casey and many many many others.

TCU student

From one student to another, and for his own sake, I hope to see TCU playing for us next year


Miiiike - you either don't know or have forgotten what a truly crappy year looks like. Class of 84 and thankful for the Horned Frog turn around.


"Yea let him join the team as backup QB. TCU's new QB Boykin did a great job and should continue to improve"
You're joking right?

Rae Rae @ TCU

Casey is coming back. Who cares if his throwing arm is his pimp hand. The guy can play. Leave the man alone and let him win a championchip!


I need Casey to come back. Sales are way off since he has been gone.

Jason Barclay

Love him. Hate him. The comments are better than the article. One thing is for certain. He is a whirl wind of controversy swirling over TCU. Lord only knows how this one turns out.


TCU likes to bill itself as a "top" program and a beacon of higher education at the highest levels of moral integrity. Bringing Pachall's great arm back tot he team doesn't live up to the University's billing nor calling. Recall that this was neither a first nor minor offense, but was already the 3rd strike that we know about: 1) fails university drug test, 2)tells police he did Cocaine & Ecstasy, & 3) DUI - on Campus. He could have killed someone with a DUI - its not trivial, and all this amidst his living together with the drug dealers who were thrown off the team in February. He has already wasted his privilege to represent the team, and his teammates suffered.

People want to bring him back to supplant other good kids who spent the fall in practice, film room, and earning good grades while he was in jail & rehab? Great message to send. I'm sure that he is a nice kid and all that, and by all means give him a "Second chance" via Christian values- but that should be a second chance to complete his important EDUCATION & college degree, not to distract from the hard work of the good kids on the team while providing a terrible role model to every kid who sees him on TV.

Want to win Titles as a small private school with elite credentials? This kid would not be tolerated at places like Northwestern, Notre Dame, or Stanford; there would be No Discussion and he wouldnt even be an after thought. Start with a foundation of integrity and moral consistency from the top down of the team, and the players will follow to manifest this on the field, simply look to the successes of those teams results. TCU will be a sad joke to quality caliber recruits if they bring back Joe Kane of The Program. Within not too long, they'll be no different than Miami, and swinging helmets etc.

Hate the game. Not the player.

The kid likes weed; sell it, smoke it, and hang with his boyz. What's different about him than most guys his age. If he can throw a 40 yard spiral in coverage with a blunt hanging out of his mouth, I say let the kid play. We need players not a bunch of hypocrite church types. Non-players need not apply.

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