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Chip Kelly in 2013 = Jimmy Johnson in 1989

Nfl_g_johnson_195Jerry Jones was not the first owner in the National Football League to go to the college football game to find a football man who could coach his football team to play a football game on the football field in the National Football League. (seven times, maybe a record)

Jerry just had enormous success in hiring Jimmy Johnson to coach the Dallas Cowboys beginning in 1989. The Jimmy way of emphasizing speed, speed and more speed was revolutionary to the NFL, and yielded three Super Bowl titles between 1992 to '95.

The Philadelphia Eagles are going all in with what could be an equally revolutionary hire by bringing in Chip Kelly from the University of Oregon. 

I love this hire because it means Kelly is going to bring his speed, spread, run offense to the NFL. We are already seeing it in San Francisco and QB Colin Kaepernick. Kelly's offense puts an even greater emphasis on speed, and play calling. 

Kelly is going to need the players to do it, namely the quarterbacks, plural. And Kelly is going to soon learn the best and biggest athletes on the field usually play defense in Chip-kelly-eagles-coachthe NFL, unlike vice versa in the college game. He is going to have to find two quarterbacks who can run his offense because it's a safe assumption one of them is going to get hurt.

The Eagles wanted to do something big; hring Kelly is the single biggest thing that has happened this offseason in the NFL. It has tremendous blow up potential because you just never know how the players will deal with a college coach. Given the way other NFL teams are adopting his style of offense, the way other college coaches are doing well in the NFL (Jim Harbaugh), and how quarterbacks are changing, it is easy to envision Kelly winning.

Maybe not like Jimmy, but certainly more than Steve Spurrier.

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-This is a waste of time article. First the headline that the Kelly hire is JJ equal, Mistake 1. Then this fool says this Kelly guy is innovative, Mistake 2. NFL already using the Spread. And lastly, this idiot goes on to say "maybe not like Jimmy..." Mistake 3, which only means even his own dumb-self doesn't believe himself.


I'm excited and disappointed about Chip Kelly moving on. He has a good football mind. What he has done in Oregon is just short of a miracle. That program is exciting; their offense, their uniforms, the money boosters have spent turning that place into a big time college program. I'm sorry to see Chip leave all of it. That said, I am anxious to see if he can bring some of that excitement to the NFL. Many college coaches have come and failed but hopefully Chip can get it done. He has some cool ideas. Maybe Nike can make the trip with him and juice up whatever his squad's uniforms too.


I see him doing great things in Philly. Great team, great owner, and great fans. I wish we had him in Dallas. Things just got harder for us in Big D.


I wish we would have hired him. He has a great offensive mind.


Ugh. The NFC East just got a lot tougher. I wonder if this means they keep Vic. If so, they are going to have to rework his contract. He is on pace to make way more than he is worth or deserves next season.


JJ emphasized football players not speed. Non of the holy trinity (Smith, Irvin, Aikman) were considered burners. And how do the best in college play offense and the best in the NFL play defense when 99% of NFL players where on the same side of the ball in college?

dt johnson at wheatley park, dallas

We need Oregon's coach. He has some fast fellas on his squad. He could have coached up in Dallas for our Cowboys for sure. I hope he isn't too good because we need 2 easy wins against division apponents.

25 @ wheatley park

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