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Coming soon - a chat with comic Anthony Jeselnik

Anthony+Jeselnik+Comedy+Central+Roast+David+UflTYtsUotPlFans of the Comedy Central roasts may know comic Anthony Jeselnik's work - he's dark, and goes places most comics won't touch. For instance, he will joke about race, rape and the Holocaust.

Click here for his website. You can follow him on Twitter @anthonyjeselnik

His humor may not be for everybody, but he is extremely smart, talented and funny.

On Jan 13 at 9 p.m. CT, Jeselnik will have a one-hour standup show - Caligula - premiere on Comedy Central.

Jeselnik spoke exclusively to the Big Mac Blog about his brand of humor, and why he is willing to go places most people won't.

Look for the interview soon.

Watch this clip of Jeselnik's work at the roast of Donald Trump. This is one of the cleanest ones I could find.




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