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Cowboys' Senior Bowl wish list

Gyi0063250205.0_standard_352.0Not quite sure how a place such as Mobile, Alabama became a hot spot but over the years this place has become the place to be in the dead week leading up to the Super Bowl.

It's a glorified job fair, not only for prospective NFL players but a load of coaches who roam around the city hoping to bump into people in an effort to land a gig.

The "brain trust" in charge of leading your Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl is in Mobile right now looking at prospective draft picks, and interviewing these guys with penetrating questions such as, "Are you a leader?", "When you were offered that envelope of cash while you were in college, you didn't accept it, right?" and "Is your girlfriend real, dead, or both fake and dead?"

Not that teams draft for need but right now my crack research says these are the priority areas for the Cowboys' this offseason:

1. General manager. A girl can always dream
2. Guard. Gut tells me that this will be their first round pick.
3. Defensive line. Desperate need of upgrade here.
4. Safety. Haven't had one since that great year Ken Hamlin had in 2007.
5. Outside linebacker. DeMarcus Ware isn't getting any younger; Anthony Spencer may not be back.

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