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Fearful football prediction$ - Heart NFC road dogs

Alexis_mediumI began the 2012 season with $50 of Monopoly money, and plan to fake bet a fake $10 spot on five college/pro games against the line to see how smart I am. Last season, I was plus $110. This season ...

I finished 3-2 last week. Not terrible. Good to be on the winning side again. I'm plus $10 for the season.

Last week's picks
1. Pittsburgh v. Ole Miss (-3.5). REBELS. WIN
2. Alabama (-9.5) v. Notre Dame. IRISH. LOSE (barely)
3. Vikings at Packers (-7.5). PACK. WIN
4. Colts at Ravens (-7). RAVENS. WIN
5. Bengals at Texans (-4.5). BENGALS. LOSE

This week's picks
1. Ravens at Denver o/u 46.5: UNDER. Barely.
2. Packers at 49ers (-3). PACKERS. Expect some pants poopage from 49ers QB.
3. Seahawks at Falcons (-2.5). SEAHAWKS. Don't ask me why. That is a long flight on consecutive weekends.
4. Texans at Patriots (-9.5). TEXANS. Not to win, just to cover.

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Bob L. Fort Worth

Never before have I realized how difficult picking games is. I'm stunned at the Bronco's loss and the 49er's win. WOW! Amazing. I didn't see that happening at all.

Diana from Fort Worth

tuff weekend

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