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FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Cowboys continue spree of "uncomfortable" by going after local ice hockey team

RowdyLess than 24 hours after the Dallas Cowboys began this offseason of "uncomfortability" by finally firing reason No. 1 the team finished 8-8 - canning running backs coach Skip Peete - the team went after the Dallas Stars professional hockey club.

A Twitter message from the Dallas Cowboys this morning read, "Similarly in the category of nobody-cares…the NHL is back!"

YEAH! We may suck, but you suck worse.

Me thinks the Dallas Cowboys read my column this morning about the state of the NHL, which has just this perception - that nobody cares (No, I don't think they read it).

The Stars responded in turn by tweeting, "At least our #9 got the job done". Attached to said Tweet was a picture of Mike Modano holding the Stanley Cup, back in 1999.

Well played. Well played. A 10-year-old fondly remembers that moment.

The Cowboys realized the boo-boo and issued an apology that read, "our sincere apologies for the inappropriate tweet posted accidentally to our account. Good luck this season".

The Stars in turn accepted said apology.

Also of note from the Twitter world - Channel 8 veteran sports reporter George Riba Tweeted this this morning: ""Stars room is where u find players who want to talk. Cowboys open room - players go eat & lift weights"

What do both have in common? Neither team makes the playoffs.

Nothing the Dallas Cowboys Tweeted was incorrect.
Nothing the Dallas Stars Tweeted in turn was incorrect.

Just Truth Tweets.


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Astute observations mister.

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