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Former Longhorn & Cowboy and all-time great guy is in the Super Bowl


Leonoard Davis (left) celebrates the 49ers' win over the Falcons in the NFC title game with QB Colin Kaepernick.
Fans of the Dallas Cowboys football team are likely none-too-thrilled that the San Francisco 49ers will play the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl to determine which is the best football team on the football team, but they should be happy for a true Texan.


Leonard Davis, congratulations. 

The former Texas Longhorn and Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman, who is a backup guard with the 49ers, has reached his first Super Bowl.

Big Leonard is a native of Wortham and began his career with the Arizona Cardinals where he spent six seasons. He played for the Cowboys from 2007 to 2010. He spent 2011 with the Lions where he didn't played a game.

Now 34, and a veteran of 171 NFL games, Leonard has finally reached the big game.

A great guy and totally deserving of this moment.



Andrew Neal, Texas

I've been a Big Mac Blog reader for a while now. That's the best article you have ever written. It's probably not the most important story but it shows you have a lot of heart for Texas.

Good catch. The Big L was a total stud in Texas and a lovable guy.

I love football and it's fun to see one of our guys make it to the big show.

Doug Olson



The guy has a motor. Good for him. He was fun watching at Texas.

Smiley at Dallas

He wasn't that great but he was a heck of a good kid when he played here

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