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Fraud Mayweather potentially lining up a serious opponent

0x600I have been uber critical of Floyd "Money" Mayweather for his consistent ability to be nothing more than a glorified head college football coach and deliberately schedule wins rather than challenges but this time he may be taking on a serious opponent.

No, not Manny Pacquiao.

According to this report on Yahoo! sports via, Money is in talks to fight Canelo Alvarez.

Sign me up.

Money has said he will fight twice in 2013 - once in May and again in September. There may not be any fighter who has avoided contact any better than Money, which would be in direct contrast to Alvarez, who is a serious puncher.

220px-Saúl_Canelo_ÁlvarezA Money v. Alvarez would likely be in September as both fighters would share the same May date for different fights.

Money will be 36 in February and Alvarez is just 23. 

Given their respective ages and the gap in experience this opponent may be a bit too much for Alvarez, but he has to take it. And at some point Money is going to lose.





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He's never going to lose!


at the end of your analysis. "You state "and at some point, money is going to lose". Why would you say that about a great boxer? If you dont like mayweather's personality then ok, but if you dont respect the skill he portrays in te ring, then you do not know anything about boxing, sadly. Please dont write articles down grading a beautiful boxer to watch. It really tarnishes the sport for fans you are just starting to get into it. RESPECT skill, learn it, and learn to accept it. Being a fanboy isnt being a fan of the sport. Its dick riding a certain person and not giving respect where respect is due.

Glen Lewis

Awful article by someone who clearly doesn't know boxing. How you can say he has avoided contact is beyond me. He fought an undefeated brawler in Hatton, technically skilled Marquez (who recently obliterated pacquio), as well as Mosley, Ortiz, and Cotto all coming off the back of career defining wins. I agree that Canelo is a challenge but he is just 'another' challenge, as were all the
fighters previously mentioned.


Mayweather is a great boxer. He has become a bit chicken lately so I can see him ducking Alvarez. I am a fan but have become very dissatisfied with his constant selections of guarantied wins. As a Champion he has an obligation to loyal fans and the sport to give us fights from his which we want to see and not his recent chicken fights. His the only champ that has put mountains of excuses why not to fight. Suchas testing, dates, money, etc,. Once the other party agrees he will find more excuses. I know I ll get hate for speaking truth about the greatest fighter. Hope am wrong about him ducking Alvarez, but he seemed relieved once pacman got beat and didn't have to fight him.

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