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Goodbye to 30 Rock, the best show on TV

Tv_30_rock07After tonight, there will be really be nothing to watch. After seven seasons, Tina Fey's creation that she never thought would make it this long, 30 Rock is signing off.

This may be the only TV show I watched from the original airing of the pilot all the way through without missing an episode. 

Like most TV shows in its designated final season, the program has struggled to wrap up storylines and characters while retaining its edge. That is about the only criticism for a show that has been consistently one of the funniest on TV over the last 20 years. 

It never gained a massive audience because so many of the jokes were just so specific. It was as if the writers were writing to entertain each other.

The writing would deftly poke fun of anyone, be it in entertainment or politics. It once had Denise Richards make a cameo to poke fun of herself that she once played a doctor in a Bond movie. One of the best episodes, "Succession", came in season two that parodied the movie "Amadeus". 

The show crammed in so many jokes in 30 minutes you would often have to go back to catch the ones you missed.

30 Rock was hailed as some type of statement for strong female characters as Fey's Liz Lemon was the role model for the new-age working girl. She was flawed, a total mess and constantly fighting herself for what she was doing against what she wanted. 

Tumblr_m1ihmtis4y1r8y5maFew female comics have ever put herself so willingly out there the way Fey did, which ultimately made Lemon so endearing. 

It helped she was surrounded by a wonderful cast of unaware weirdos, whom she suffered on a daily basis. Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy stole nearly every scene he was in. The exchanges with his mother were some of the best this show offered.

Chris Parnell's run as Dr. Leo Spaceman never missed.
Will Arnett as the gay NBC executive, Devon Banks, trying to steal Jack Donaghy's job was always brilliant.
Jane Krakowski played the highly narcissitic Jenna Maroney so well it almost felt real.
And Tracy Morgan may have just been playing himself.

After seven seasons, all of which varied from good to great, the timing is right for the show to exit on top. 30 Rock will live on in syndication and on DVDs forever, but it is with sadness that Lemon, Donaghy, Maroney and the rest won't be getting together any more on Thursday nights.



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