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Jerry Jones' definition of "uncomfortable" could determine much this offseason

628x471On his weekly radio show with the flagship radio station of the Dallas Cowboys, 105.3 FM The Fan, Cowboys owner/gm/president Jerry Jones sounded hacked and said changes are coming.

Jones said: "I can assure our fans this, that it's going to be very uncomfortable from my standpoint, it's going to be very uncomfortable for the next few weeks and months at Valley Ranch."

Jerry offered his support of both head coach Jason Garrett and quarterback, but the rest he would not touch. Nothing regarding play calling, or the status of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

The only thing he would say is they will make changes.

"I can tell you change is necessary at 8-8," Jones said.

He also said: "Change is in order when you spend the two seasons in a row down to the last two games and lose them, so we're going to have to have changes."

What does Jerry mean by "uncomfortable"? Good question.

The last time the Cowboys were really uncomfortable was when Bill Parcells patrolled Valley Ranch and had everyone feeling as if they were on egg-shells. Players feared for their jobs, their positions, and other coaches feared his nasty tongue and temper.

One of the primary reasons Jerry bought the Cowboys was to have fun running a football team, and uncomfortable usually doesn't equate fun.

Jerry wants people to feel uncomfortable at Valley Ranch? How that looks and feels could determine ultimately what changes are going to be made for the Cowboys in 2013.

Saying this sounds good, but unless Jerry is ready to make good on it and do something about it will these words matter.


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Jerry's already feeding us fans his brand of Kool-Aid hoping we'll buy it. Starting early this year, huh Jerrah?


Sorry JJ same 'ol tripe different year.

The one constant in this yearly fiasco is you. Until that changes Cowboys fans are in for another year of disappointments.

Someone needs to tell Jerry insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. That old quote is appropriate.


JJ needs to brand Romo like Brees and Manning... a qb simply working to break thru and win it all. Too bad Romo is an arrogant SOB and he ain't Brees or Manning (either of them)


The only thing about "uncomfortable" is going to be the fans if they continue to buy this crap.

Rick Woodring

Jerry has to realize he is the problem, he cannot have gained the knowledge required to manage a football team at any level from his life experiences and was lucky that Jimmy Johnson partnered with him early on

Doug Olson

Only the media was comfortable with Big Bill.

Jack from Anahuac Mexico

If Jerry is going to give Romo an extension he needs to stay the course with the squad. ESPN is reporting Norv Turner might come back to help Red with offensive play calling. It's an interesting move if it occurs.

My preference is to cut/trade/get rid of Romo. Get rid of him because he has been here plenty long enough to give us a playoff victory and a string of 10+ seasons. Get rid of him to prove that if you lose long enough in Dallas you are gone no matter how much promise you have. And to get rid of him because fans are mad, sick, and heart broken because of this. And to provide proof that losing makes ownership-management sick and that the NFL is about competition, winning, and hating to lose.

I do think if Jerry keeps him it will make following the team more interesting. I will probably quit watching, and wouldn't buy a ticket to save my life, but I would at least follow them. Keeping Romo will raise the stakes on this team. Maybe they do turn it around if he keeps Romo. With a playoff win, or better, with Romo maybe it validates Jerry once and for all.

But if Jerry loses with Romo, and he probably will, it will almost assuridly turn a real portion of Cowboy faithful off.

If Jerry stands by Romo this will be a team to follow. Every week watching Romo will be like waiting for a train wreck to happen. You know it's coming and the carnage will be too much to turn away from.

I almost hope JJ does keep Romo. And if that happens, I really hope Romo never gets to the playoffs.

Ain't football fun.

paul watson

What change will happen? Both Garrett & Ryan are hopeless. Barrie Crennel would make a much tougher defensive coach than blubberguts Ryan.

free agent

Yeah, we can all trust Jerry to make it right. With his leadership, we can all rest assured everything is under control. More BS.


We all know Jerry isn't going to do anything. Give me a break.

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