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Jason Garrett, you're next

Spotlight-dallas-cowboys-defensive-coordinator-rob-ryan-the-boys-are-back-blogDown goes running backs coach Skip Peete. Now gone is defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

It may not actually yield the desired results, but this is the Dallas Cowboys doing uncomfortable.

Despite his colorful personality and fantastic interviews, Ryan's defense never matched his mouth. The Cowboys' defense under Ryan seldom won games, and struggled to make impact plays to change direction games.

This all but guarantees that if the Cowboys do not have a good season in 2013, the next man down will be head coach Jason Garrett. Once of the top coordinators is canned, the next man up is the head coach.

Ryan is now 0-for-8 in his attempt to have a winning record as a defensive coordinator.

Jason-garrettHead coach Jason Garrett said in a statement: "I want to express my appreciation to Rob for all of his efforts and contributions to the Cowboys over the past two years. At this time, the decision has been made to move forward in a different direction philosophically on defense. I have an immense amount of respect for Rob as a person and as a football coach and I wish him and his family the very best."

Do not be surprised if the Cowboys finally go away from the 3-4 defense that Bill Parcells installed in 2004 and adopt the 4-3.

Was it Ryan, or the players? Go with the latter. 

Ryan's defense lost Jay Ratliff, Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Orlando Scandrick, Barry Church, Kenyon Coleman, Josh Brent to season ending injuries. Had those players - specifically Brent, Lee and Carter - remained healthy the results would have been different.

The Cowboys defense finished ranked 19th in the NFL. There were some massive holes that Ryan had to try to mask, namely a weak defensive line and zero plays from either safety position.

Reasons, excuses ... who cares? Coaches and coordinators get fired after 8-8 seasons in the NFL. 

The results weren't good enough, leaving Ryan without a job.

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Jeff Cart

I thought Ryan was okay. Not great. Not aweful. Just okay. He ate a lot of sandwiches, used a good conditioner, and played the hand he was dealt as best he could.

Not that this is headline material, but our talent on defense was banged up all year. We have a few really special guys on defense. I think if we go out and get another decent defensive guy, and have some luck and have fewer injuries, we could make some noise on defense.

The funniest thing about the firing of Rob Ryan is that it doesn't really change anything. There will likely be a few more sandwiches to eat, a surplus of hair care products in the state of texas, but our defense probably won't change that much.

We need help. Maybe Jerry will sell the team. Maybe Pepsi will demand we trade Romo. Maybe Victoria Secret will sponsor a new GM. Jerry needs to get a clue and make some meaningful changes.


The problem was that Ryan's defense looked better with players off the street running a scaled back basic scheme then it did with all the starters and his nutty scheme at the beginning of the year.


Here is the good news if you are Rob Ryan. Whatever success Ryan had on defense was negated with Red's play calling on offense.

I hope Jerry pays well. I wouldn't want to come to dallas as a defensive coordinator. Maybe Jerry can can be the defensive coordinator as well as the GM and ticket taker.


What was Ryan's excuse last year? And the year before that? And the year before that? And so on, and so on, and so on... Ryan (and his brother for that matter)have gotten their jobs based solely on their last name. And their old man was pretty much a bust as a head coach himself. I'll give them credit, they have all gotten a lot of traction off that one 1985 Bears season.

the muscle tribe of danger & excellence

Please make the pain stop. The season was painful enough. But little, do-nothing changes like this one do nothing more than draw attention to the obvious. The Cowboys suck. Or worse yet, we almost suck. 8 and 8 is the perfect torture for fans. We are good enough to sniff the playoffs but just bad enough to not totaly gut the team. It's hell on earth.

DCC "annonomous"

The freak show in big D continues. Jerry needs to address the real problems not the window dressing. Rob was a decent enough coach. Who cares if he comes or goes. We need help evaluating talent and running the team. A strong GM would make a world of difference. It would make good players better, make coaches strong, and add an ingredient of talent that we need. I wonder what Jerry will do next.

Philip Patterson

Jerry Jones I have some advice. There are several things to address.1) You need a GM you Own it but it but does not mean you need to run it.2)Jason Garrett is NOT the Answer The Cowboys have Lacked a Disciplined Coach since Jimmy Johnson & Garrett's play calling is Sooooooooo predictable I call every before it happens even if they change the play @ the line of Scrimmage.(Bill Cowher,Tony Dungy,Herm Edwards,John Gruden).3)You have to address the issues @ Quarterback Romo is good But you need someone that will challenge him @ for the job. Fix that secondary that gets beat deep on long yardage plays. Get some help for Miles,Dez,& Jason Witten. Come On Jerry! 1990's Super Bowl Era is gone Bring the Fire & Passion back to BIG "D".


I'm loving all the 'fake' changes on this borderline aweful team.

Tell Me Why's been 5 minutes...unless you call selling programs at Cowboys stadium i don't think fat boy has a job yet (not that i pay attention to things like that)

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