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Jay Ratliff writes a new chapter in the book of "Horrible Timing"

BBQpq9ACMAASHik.jpg-largeAny number of us have likely had a moment when it comes to drinking and driving and wondered "There by the grace of God go I" but you would think every now and then life provides a few "WAKE UP!!!!!" moments that would deter you from taking a chance.

That message was not received by Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff.

Just a little more than one month after teammate and fellow nose tackle Josh Brent was arrested for a DUI after a wreck that resulted in the death of teammate Jerry Brown, J-Rat was arrested on a similar charge. Thankfully, nobody got hurt.

According to Mr. Clarence E. Hill of the Star-Telegram, Ratliff was busted after he was involved in a wreck with an 18-wheeler on Monday night in Grapevine. He refused to take a breathalyzer and was arrested. He was taken to a hospital where blood was drawn.

Let's see ... Ratliff is going to be 32 when the 2013 season starts. He played just six games last season because of injuries. He had a verbal altercation with the owner of the franchise late in the season. The Cowboys already have one other drunk driving arrest in the last 50 days. The team is switching defensive schemes. Now he has this.

Yeeeeeah ... Jay Ratliff, you're gone.

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Clarence Lewis in Fort Worth

Now that's uncomfortable! Way to go Jerry Jones! You are really turning things around!

free agent

Hit me or one of mine while dui, and my lawyer and I own everything you have or ever hope to get.

Tom Swift

Today's hero is tomorrow's Zero,,hit the bricks Ratliff.

Tim Trainor

well written and so true,jerry deserves what he gets. gm time to hand the reins to a gm that knows football. what dumb .... these guys dont have a brain. time to fire the real culprit for the demise of cowboys. the owner of these worthless dopes who cant think clearly just lost a player to dui now this no brain idiot drinks ,and drives.


It happens to all of us. Move on losers

lindsay lahan

Stuff like this happens all the time. Who doesn't yell in their bosses face, get drunk, smash up their car, get a DUI and totally ruin their careers. It happens. We all bounce back. Jeez! Get over it people.


His best years are behind him but sadly, he still has some skills to get on another team. But you are right about one thing. He is not a 'character' guy.


What blows my mind is all of this negativity. Yes what he did was wrong, do we really need blame a grown man's choice on some one else. No I don't think that Jerry is the right man for the GM position, but it doesn't matter who you have in that position because each person makes their own choices no matter what the consequences are. We have no right to pass judgement. Those who have done no wrong can cast the first stone. And let the justice system handle that. Because just like every other person who has done these things and worse. They are making their bed and they are going to have to lay in it.


This points to the much bigger problem at Valley lack of institutional control. If this were an NCAA program they would already be on double secret probation forever. Professional athletes are a different variety than most of us and they need a constant dose of fear to keep them motivated and focused. As much as I can't stand the Patriots, I do admire their "next man up" mantra that they live by which says to all the players, you're possibly one bad play or one screw up away from being replaced. That type of attitude hasn't truly existed at Valley Ranch country club since Jimmy walked out the front door.

Tony P

This is just another reason that I have boycotted the NFL. I can no longer justify putting one penny into the hands of a system that enables so many low-life morons. And I can't say that I have really missed it, either.

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