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Johnny Football defeats Manti Te'o in girlfriend balloting as well

Manziel-resizeTexas A&M meal ticket Johnny Manziel has reportedly had a come-to-Eric meeting with Aggies director of athletics Eric Hyman about the need to be a bit more self aware since he won the Heisman trophy and has been on the party circuit ever since.

One thing Hyman did not have to ask Manziel is about the existence of his girlfriend. The Google machine has taken care of that. 

Not only did Manziel defeat Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o in the Heisman trophy, he also has him beat on the lady front as well. Of course, band geeks and shut-in video game nerds also have Te'o beat on the girlfriend scene as well.

In what is easily the single most bizarre story to hit sports since ... who knows when, reported on Wednesday that the girlfriend saga of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o was a complete load.

Apparently Te'o apparently has lied about the existence, and subsequent tragic death, of his girlfriend.

Dude, this is what teenage losers do to impress their friends. This is not that much different than the 15-year-old, zit-faced boy telling his friends that his girlfriend lives in California and they only see each other in the summers.

Exactly how barren is the lady-front scene on Notre Dame's campus and in the greater South Bend tri-state area? I'd rather make up a fake, dead girlfriend than have sex with any of these coeds!

Manziel doesn't seem to be struggling in this department.

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Granted journalism isn't your style or most writers in this country but the joy taken at the expense of this young man across the country and by so-called professionals is unsavory at best...especially considering nobody really knows the truth yet.

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