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Johnny Football = Johnny Good Times

0106-manziel-launch-wm-2Regardless of your alma mater, if you are from the great state a Texas a giant thank you to the Texas A&M Aggies for representing this state so well in the SEC, and throughout the 2012 season.

Watching 20-year-old Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel on his month-long Tour de Fun is heart warming, mostly because it's a giant middle finger to anyone outside of Aggieland who insists he should be holed up in his dorm room studying. Good for him. He's not doing anything illegal.

Well, not unless you count possibly downing some Dom Perignon in a Dallas area club such as Manziel was photographed and these shots from TMZ were made available.

Click here for the photos on Who says journalism is dead, huh?

It should be noted that no photos of Manziel actually drinking said alcoholic beverage are on this TMZ site; he is merely holding the bottle. Perhaps he is holding the bottle for the rather chesty young woman to his right in these photos.

It's highly doubtful anyone under the age of 21 actually violates the law and partakes in such beverages until the legal date. God knows I sure didn't.

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If that was a kid from TCU you would write a blog wanting to know if Gary Patterson had lost control of his team.


I agree with the previous comment made by Roger.

Horns Down

you would expect a low class aggie to disgrace the heisman trophy, his confrence, and his school by being caught on camera looking like a total idiot...go aggies

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