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Lance Armstrong failed in an interview where he was set up to lose

130115162905-lance-armstrong-oprah-winfrey-1-single-image-cutThank God - or Oprah, which isn't much different - viewers were not charged a pay per view fee to watch Lance Armstrong admit what we know - he used performance enhancing drugs, and a whole bunch of them.

In a wide ranging interview that aired on the OWN network on Thursday night where Armstrong began by telling Her Highness to go "wherever" she wanted Armstrong said he was a jerk, a bully, a liar, and that all of his seven Tour De France titles were won when he doped. The only thing he would not do was name other people other than himself.

"All the blame and my fault is on me," he said.

Oprah was well prepped by her producers, and she handled the interview well. She wasn't rude or demeaning, and maintained a respectful line of difficult questions.

Armstrong sounded dispassionate, a little arrogant, and totally defeated. Lance failed this interview because there was no way to win. He appeared to be totally busted and exhausted by his own deception. Just like it does with everyone else - even cancer defeating seven time Tour de France winners - the truth remains undefeated against all of us.

Tour-de-france-editArmstrong had to tell the truth, to apologize, and now he needs to go away before making his "triumphant" return.

In the first part of what will be a two-part interview series with Oprah he said: "I'll start that this is too late. It's too late for probably most people and that is my fault. I view this situation as one big lie that I repeated a lot of times. It wasn't as if I just said no and moved on.

"While I lived through this, especially the last two years, I know the truth. The truth isn't what was out there or what I said. Now it's gone, this story was so perfect for so long. It's this mythic perfect story that isn't true."

Nope. Armstrong said there was no way to win his titles without using performance enhancing drugs in that era. He was so caught up in his own BS, fame, money and stature that he would rather die than let it stop. What better way to deflect his critics than to attack them?

Lance Armstrong loved being Lance Armstrong, and he did not want to do anything that would threaten what was obviously a good quality of life.

He also said he that when he was on his run of seven straight titles he never felt like he was cheating: "That's the scariest part. ... I viewed it as a level playing field."

Lance-armstrong_g_2319384bThe only area where Armstrong totally flopped in his contrition was when he said he had no idea how big his following was. Oprah took exception to that, and it did sound completely unbelievable.

"I didn't understand the magnitude of that following," he said. "These are people who feel betrayed. It’s my fault. I will spend the rest of my life ... some people are gone forever. I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to apologize and earn back trust for the rest of my life." 

He said he has reached out to those he defamed and accused of lying, and sued. 

"It's inexusable. People are going to hear this and never forgive me," Armstrong said.

Probably not.

2011-06-28-09-06-01-4-sheryl-crow-lance-armstrongHe had to do this in order to regain anything ever in the public eye. We do love our apologies from our public figures, and this process began on Thursday night with Oprah. What he may not realize is that he will have to apologize for this forever, but there will be those who see him on the street and say, "We forgive you man!" and they mean it.

If O.J. Simpson can find a hot girlfriend such as he did following his infamous court case for double murder, then a roid using cyclist is not going to have a hard time finding supporters. We simply can't help but loving famous people.

What Lance needs to do now is simply get lost for about 12 months, and then make his comeback. The public will never forget this story, but in 12 months a million other things will have happened to lessen the impact of his return.

Hell, Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah was hyped for more than a week and before it even aired its importance was replaced by Manti Te'o's fake dead girlfriend.

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Lennay Kekua

Lance Armstrong is a joke


I don't know who is perpatrating a bigger fraud. Lance Armstrong for insisting he was 'steroid free' during his 7 Tour De France wins or Oprah Winnfrey for reporting on it like it's 'new' news. obvious. so yesterday. who cares.


only my life can be considerd a bigger joke than lance armstrong.

jimmy the truth peoples

He made a fortune lying to people. It happens every day. The lesson here is lie to people. Lie. Lie. Lie. And cheat as much as possible.

Edward Watting

Lance Armstrong isn't worth the paper this article is printed on. He is a total and complete liar.


I'm generally not an Oprah fan but she did a nice job. She was direct. Not rude and asked the difficult questions. Lance on the other hand is twice the pig Oprah is.

Dr. Balco

Tiger does it. Michael Phelps does it. Every NFL player on the planet does it. How much longer till we embrace science. I'm almost 50 and have less than 11 percent body fat. I have few wrinkles, am more active than most 18 years and feel and look great. What Lance did is what everybody will be doing 20 years from now; living better thru medicine.

The whole thing is rediculous.

Writing on the wall

i wish the sports-frauds could be sued for everything they owned. you can do all the drug testing you want. hit these jokers in their pocket book and you'll get their attention.


Lance Armstrong is a powerful reminder that if you cheat you make lots of money.

Sheryl Crow

Is there really any question as to why I dumped him. He is a cheating loser.

P. Masken

I hope this interview serves as a lesson. We should not put athletes on a pedestal or idolize them.

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