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Lance Armstrong should confer with Pete Rose on the art of the apology

ImageAll of France will have yet another reason not to work as Enemy No. 1 - Lance Armstrong - plans to admit he actually used PEDs to win all of those Tour de France titles. 

Hope he called Pete Rose before electing to jump on Oprah Winfrey's couch and tell the world what we already know - the sun rises in the East, and he roided.

Rose can give Lance some pointers on the fine art of denying for decades before finally saying, "Ya got me".

By the time Rose admitted to ABC's Charles Gibson that he had indeed bet on baseball the story was so old and the evidence was so overwhelming the gravity of the admittance was lost. When Rose admitted it the general reaction was yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

Pete-roseRose can tell Armstrong that he better beg and express genuine contrition to elicit any sympathy, and even that may not be enough. When Rose came clean he looked like a tired old man, and to make matters worse it was part of a book promotion - so he was profiting from his apology.

When Mark McGwire cried in Bob Costas' lap in admitting he used steroids to hit a lot of home runs the reaction wasn't pleasant either. He was mocked. At least he wasn't selling a book.

Both of these men can attest such apologies are often no-win situations, but a necessity in order to re-enter their respective arenas.

McGwire is back in baseball. Pete never will be.

An apology may be necessary, but Armstrong has to be smart enough to realize that just because he says "Oops" there are going to be supporters who are going to feel betrayed and will dump him. Cycling should have him back as every cyclist in the last 25 years who was worth a bleep needed to roid.

It will be nice to finally have this story done, and for Armstrong to begin to rebuild his reputation. Nothing can ever take away his defeat of cancer, and the millions he inspired in the process.

As for those Tour titles? Those are gone, and now just another tainted memory of a win done on the backs of scientists and a syringe.

Lance should apologize if he means it, but his expectations should be modest. Just ask Pete.


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Armstrong will blame everyone but himself. He might concede that he should have known better but in the end it was not his fault that he cheated and then lied. The guys entire life has been built on deception so why should he suddenly change?

Len McLaughlin

I can't too much sorrow for a man who left his wife and children at the height of his popularity for a rock star singer, Sharon Stone. How's that working for you now, Lance?

free agent

Who cares for an apology, now that he's yesterday's old news. Betcha' he doesn't return the wealth he fraudently accumalated.


sad. i love sports. i wish this wasn't so.

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