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Look for it: A chat with noted author Mark Bowden

Cn_image.size.mark-bowden-obamaHad the chance to catch up with one of the best non-fiction writers of today, Mr. Mark Bowden, who has a new book out detailing the manhunt on Osama Bin Laden titled "The Finish".

Bowden has also written wondeful books "Black Hawk Down", which put him on the map, and "Killing Pablo" - which you need to read. "Killing Pablo" is the fascinating story about the long manhunt and killing of South American drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Bowden is a former newspaper sportswriter and is related to former Florida State head football coach Bobby Bowden.

Mark Bowden and I talked about his book, how you get an interview with President Barack Obama, the movie Zero Dark Thirty, and what he thinks about his Philadelphia Eagles' decision to hire Chip Kelly as their new head coach.

Look for the interview soon.


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