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Mark Cuban's toy are winners on a spreadsheet, just not on the court

250px-LafrentzThe Dallas Mavericks NBA professional basketball team may be six games under .500 and four wins outside of the eighth seed for a spot in the playoffs, but that does not mean they aren't winners.

According to Forbes' annual study/report of the value of each NBA franchise, Mark Cuban's toy is the fifth-most valuable team in the league, worth an estimated $685 million. The Mavs' profit, according to Forbes, was $13 million. I would imagine that makes it a lot easier to say goodbye to Tyson Chandler. 

On Jan. 4, 2000 Mark Cuban paid Ross Perot jr. $285 million to become an NBA owner. In that time he has helped make the Mavericks one of the most valued franchises in the NBA, complete with one NBA title and one player with an MVP regular season trophy. 

And this is the same guy who once gave Raef LaFrentz a long-term contract extension. You see, people can really change.

The Mavs may suck this season, but they are profitable. Of course, so are the Knicks and that's worked out well for them, too.

Here are the top five NBA franchises by value, according to Forbes.

1. New York Knicks, $1.1 billion; profit $83 million
2. L.A. Lakers, $1 billion; profit $48 million
3. Chicago Bulls, $800 million; profit $34 million
4. Boston Celtics, $730 million; profit $19 million
5. Dallas Mavericks, $685 million; profit $13 million


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