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Mark Cuban's wallet is open but for what is the problem

Saupload_mark_cuban_dallas_mavericksEver since the Dallas Mavericks blew up their NBA title winning team from two years ago the team's design was to spend money - namely to spend it on Deron Williams. The intent was to spend money without going into this punishing luxury tax that kicks in next year. It is difficult, however, to spend money when the free agent says, "No thanks."

Mavs owner Mark Cuban has announced, "We want everybody to know that the Bank of Cuban is open and if it’s the right deal, we don’t mind taking back money.''

The Mavs have won three straight and are 16-23, and four wins back of Portland for eighth in the Western Conference. Hooray!

Since he bought the team Cuban has always been aggressive and creative in trying to improve his roster; this "Cuban's bank is open" statement is consistent with his tenure.

The frustrating element isn't that he blew up the team from two years ago, but that he let the one guy - center Tyson Chandler - walk when the rest he could have replaced. Active, athletic centers such as Chandler are impossible to find.

That's gone, so ... moving on.

The Mavs have a load of one-year contracts they can use to trade to obtain real players to surround Dirk Nowitzki for a season or two as his prime years fade away. The Mavs aren't trading Dirk, so now the goal should be to start looking to dump players such as Elton Brand, Chris Kaman, Darren Collison and anyone else for serious talent from teams who no longer want to carry their big contracts.

Uspw_6803848_crop_exactThe first thought is going to be Sacramento Kings forward DeMarcus Cousins, who is a prime talent and a Grade-A a------. Cousins leads the Kings in scoring (17.6) and rebounds (10.2) but he has already been suspended by head coach Keith Smart this season, not to mention the few other alteractions he had last season.

The guy can play, but he is a tremendous risk.

Looking at the rosters of the 13 other teams who are not in the top 8 of their respective conferences and it's not as if these teams have parts the Mavs can just go buy. Or even may even want to. The T-Wolves are not going to give away Kevin Love, even if he tells management he refuses to sign a long term deal in Minny.

That Cuban is re-engaged and looking to improve his roster by spending a few bucks is good news. The scary news is that there does not appear a lot to spend his money on.

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free agent

He'll find some undersized, streaky,or, aged perimeter shooters,..I'm certain. Just enough to keep a high draft lottery opportunity from becoming a realization.

Randy Wright, Dallas

We are lucky to have Cuban as an owner. The guy will spend the cash to bring in talent. But your article is accurate. Their is no real talent out there right now. You make an interesting observation. Kevin Love is intriging. He a top shelf talent and would be an amazing compliment to Dirk. Cuban has the cash. Does Love have the interest??? The bigger question is can Cuban make a big enough offer and do all the crazy intangibles like Pat Riley did to land Bron-Bron. Dallas is an attractive enough city. Cuban has failed lots this past year or two. Love is an attractive enough talent. Let's hope Cuban reads this blog and gets off his a** and goes out and gets it done.

Mark Cuban

I read this blog and I take my fans input very serious. Good suggestions.

The Quarter Pounder With Cheese Blog

Cuban reads this blog????? riiiiiiiight! NOT!


The mavs have nothing to give the T-Wolves for Love. Therein lies the biggest problem. There is very little talent on this team outside of dirk. cubey has painted himself in a corner and is now making grand pronouncements about the "Bank of Cuban" which is nothing more than a marketing ploy to calm the fans. It's certainly not a very good negotiating strategy. This team will win 36 or 37 games and finish 11th or 12th in the West with a slight chance to get a decent draft pick.


You say the talent isn't out there to buy. I say, good talent is always tuff to get. Having the money, and the willingness to spend it, is the minimun expectation. If Cuban wants to define himself as a great owner, and not just a rich one, he needs to land Kevin Love. He has to sell him on Dirk, Dallas, and what a great franchise he has. I think Kevin Love would be perfect. Whomever he lands, he has to do it with more than just cash. The Lakers have the cash, a ton of history, and offer players a unique place to live. I'm not saying Dallas is LA but I am saying we are a top tier market and Cuban, if he wants to prove himself, needs to get out there and sell it. Time to show up or throw up.


LarryBud is nuts. Cuban has plenty to deal. Draft picks, cash, gobs of space to take bad contracts, and a franchise that has recently won a championship. I hope the Kevin Love party starts up on the internet and radio. We need to make some noise and go get this guy. Dwight Howard kinda had me hopeful but I don't see him being a great fit with Dirk. If Dirk really is a 'no trade' then Kevin Love could be perfect. Time will tell if Cuban can get it done.


Mark Cuban needs to take a pass on DeMarcus Cousins. Unless he comes super cheap and with a free toaster, we don't need him. He isn't good enough to warrant top dollar and the headache.


I have faith in Mark Cuban. He took over a team that had not won a championship. He will get it right. I wish there was something that could be done with the owner of our beloved Cowboys. That guy needs to get his head screwed on straight. Cuban on the other hand will get this fixed or die trying.

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