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Nelson Cruz's lawyers were actually paid real money to write this denial

ImagesA full two days after the Miami New Times broke a major story that Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz was a part of several high profile athletes who received Performance Enhancing Drugs via a clinic in South Florida, his team has issued a statement.

Check that. The Texas Rangers did not issue the following statement. The law firm that represents Cruz, Farrell and Reisinger, issued the following to the Associated Press: 

"We are aware of certain allegations and inferences. To the extent these allegations and inferences refer to Nelson, they are denied."

Well, I'm satisifed. So should MLB boss Bud Selig. We certainly know the player's union doesn't care, provided the player is allowed to play the game he loves more than life itself (cough-cough, collect a check, cough-cough).

My favorite part is that these lawyers likely billed at least $500 to write these two sentences. Probably closer to $1,000.

It's not exactly dumb strategy - deny it publicly with a few words, and then fight like hell behind the scenes.

I'm with veteran Star-Telegram columnist Randy Galloway on this completely - Cruz is going to miss the first 50 games of the MLB season.


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If I was Cruz I would use my last seasons stats as my defense that I wasn't taking PEDs.

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