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NOW HIRING - Outfielder for Texas Rangers ... inquire within

David_Murphy-1According to Yelp, BioGenesis of America in Coral Gables, Florida is a clinic that focused on weight loss. According to its Facebook page, BioGenesis of America, LLC. was a spa, beauty and personal care center.

Notice there is NO MENTION that this place supplied performance enhancing drugs, steroids or HGH to clients. That should just about clear up any idea that this new report from the Miami New Times is correct in that there are scores of big league ballplayers, and other high profile athletes, who obtained PEDs from this place.

What more evidence could both you and Major League Baseball possibly require? If it's not on the door, it's not inside. Who goes to a pizza place or a barber shop and expects to acquire a bag of marijuana, or possibly wager on a few football games? No one. You go to the marijuana store for weed, and a Las Vegas sports book because that's the legal way to do things in this country. 

People don't break laws, certainly not big league ballplayers.

News that Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz has been linked to a "clinic" in Miami that provided booster shots to its seven-figure clients is not good for a team that just lost Josh Hamilton in free agency. Nelson, this is not a good way to start your free agent year.

460xIf MLB finds that this report is accurate, and that Cruz possibly failed a drug test, he would likely be suspended the first 50 games of the 2013 season. The good news is that the suspension is not 51 games. It would be a total surprise if, however, Cruz hurts his hamstring while he is suspended. 

That could mean the Texas Rangers' opening day lineup would be without the combined 67 home runs and 218 RBIs that Hamilton and Cruz combined to produce in 2012.

Other than David Murphy, whose presence in the lineup has always been better suited as the fourth outfielder, the candidates will be:

* Mike Olt (best candidate, hands down)
* Julio Borbon (done)
* Gentry (not awful)
* Leonys Martin (who knows?)
* Engel Beltre (total winner; great first name)


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Way to go, Nelson.

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