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Score! A.J. McCarron's girlfriend says her boyfriend wants to play for the Cowboys

Katherine-Webb10-e1357614206204A.J. McCarron is a quarterback for Alabama. He just won a national title. Blah blah blah, something something, sports sports. 

The good great news as it relates to the greater Fort Worth-dallas area is that his girlfriend said he wants to play for the Dallas Cowboys, which is the ideal excuse reason to put up a picture of Katherine Webb. 

Webb, who is the new love interest of Brent Musberger, Darnell Dockett and roughly 85 trillion men who watched the BcS title game on Monday night, said in a recent interview with Esquire that McCarron has his eyes set on the Cowboys.

Webb said: "I’m working with his publicist trying to handle all of this media madness right now. And A.J. really wants to play for the Dallas Cowboys, so we’ll see what happens."

Click here for the rest of this amazing interview with Esquire.

Photographer_uploaded_2_1338467681_2012This is potentially a massive win-win for the Cowboys. McCarron skips his senior year to make himself eligible for the draft. Then Jerry Jones drafts McCarron, under the guise of "developing" a passer to eventually replace Tony Romo; McCarron arrives with Webb for the first ever introductory press conference for a fifth round draft pick, which Brent Musberger emcees.

McCarron rides the bench, while Webb becomes the NFL's first official team Victoria's secret model; this assuming she is comfortable wearing next to nothing in full view of millions of people. She may not be cool with that. 





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Brent Musburger

She is mad hot.

Dallas-Fort Worth Reader

This is the best article you have ever written. I think you should write about Katherine Webb every day. Riviting. More pictures please.

free agent

She's cool with it.

Doug Olson

Are you sure you aren't really a PR guy at heart?


I don't think McCarron has the skills to play in The League but I am glad to see somebody in an authority position is actively working to get rid of Romo.

carroll in lubbock

I don't see what the big deal is. She is heavy. Lose a few pounds. Tighten up the sloppy, fatty parts, and she could be cute. She has a nice face.

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