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TCU loses major player to NFL draft, who should have stayed

Maponga332On Sunday afternoon TCU head coach Gary Patterson was not sure if he was going to lose defensive end Stansly Maponga to the NFL draft, but he sounded like the announcement was coming.

On Monday afternoon, the announcement came. According to multiple reports, Maponga will skip his senior year to enter the draft.

GP told me all of the NFL scouts he has talked to said Maponga should stay in school for his senior year. There are nearly 20 quality defensive ends who are going to be available in this draft, and unless Maponga has a fantastic individual workout at TCU Pro Day, and/or NFL Combine, we are not talking about a first or second round pick.

If you are not a first or a second round pick, the guaranteed money drops fast.

Maponga is listed as 6-foot-2, 265 pounds. That's a little on the light side for a defensive end. He may be moved to outside linebacker, but he has never played in coverage.

It's a huge loss for TCU. Had he returned the Horned Frogs would have had Devonte Fields and Maponga as bookend rushers, easily the best pair in the Big 12.

This smells like another kid who simply does not want to go to school, which is his right.


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reason number 57,000 GP needs CP to come back and play at any cost

Jake in East Fort Worth (25)

Is it too late for this kid to change his mind????? We need Stansly badly. He was the heart of our defense last season and a quiet leader in the locker room. He is an NFL player JUST NOT NEXT SEASON!! If Casey P is indeed going to come back, and not to a total zoo, we are going to need some other quality players around him. I don't think Casey is going to be a the best position to succeed on and off the field if he has to do it all himself wich makes keeping Stansly imperative. Let's hope it's not too late for him to come back. We need him and he sure could use another year of seasoning.


What an idiot. He is getting some terrible advice from someone! His odds, at this point in his career, are worse than 1,000 to one to make a NFL roster. Another year of seasoning and he might be able to improve his stock. My guess is that he will not be drafted at all or 6th round at the very best.


I wish all the best to Maponga. He has been a critical part of our defense for the three years he has played at TCU. Even with that I do wish he would have stayed for his last year.

Donte @ Juanita Craft Park, dallas

We are going to miss the big guy. He was rock solid for us. Maponga was the man this year. I hope it's not too late to change his mind. He might make it in the pros but he would make a lot more money and have more job security if he played another year at TCU.

Mauldanque at Malcom X Blvd

my boy can play but we will see how much game he can muster in The Show


He is a good kid. He will be missed. But the program is always bigger than the player. Good luck at the next level.


Devonte Fields' time to shine


These fools. He didn't even have that great of a year last year because of his foot injury. If he had anyone giving him any advice worth anything, they'd tell him to stay for his senior year. IF he even gets drafted, does he realize it's going to be in the 5th or 6th round?


He should have stayed. Don't make it any more dramatic or romantic than what it is. It simply is what it is. He wants to betray the team and the fans; have at it. Don't call when things get tuff in the big leagues.


Stansly, I'm for you, brother, but if you took care of yourself and came back and played as a beast your senior year, you could make multiple times the salary you will make by coming out now. It should be a slam-dunk decision on your behalf, but if you do decide to go, best of luck and thank you for the good times, brother. (I just wanted you personally to experience the whipping we will put on OU in Norman in 2013, and the expression that will be on Thompson's face.) How many $$$ is revenge worth!


This has mistake written all over it... Too Bad...

Travis S

This is a big mistake. TCU was the youngest team in the NCAA this year and still finished in the middle of the pack. Not to mention injuries and off-field distractions. The future is bright for the Frogs and I wish 90 would be on the line of the best defense in the Big 12. But best of luck man.

Stephen @ TCU

I'm a long time TCU football fan; long before anybody cared about us. This guy is making a mistake. Next season promises to be epic and this kid can be a part of it. I think he could even be a significant contributor. This "me first" approach is what's wrong with some kids today. Look at the sacrafices CP is making for the good of the team. Somebody needs to get in this kid's ear and get him on board asap.

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