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The concern about the Texas Rangers adding Kyle Lohse

MoneyfingerIf the Texas Rangers' offseason feels like a giant dud because it has been. Alas, the Rangers are kicking around the idea of signing St. Louis Cardinals free agent right hander Kyle Lohse; click here for Jeff Wilson's report.

Wilson notes the fear of adding isn't that Lohse is 34 or that his agent is El Diablo De Beisbol, Scott Boras, but rather that any team that signs him will have to surrender a first round pick.

Last season, Lohse was 16-3 with a 2.86 ERA in 33 starts and 211 innings pitched. Those are all career-best figures. If you think he is going to do that in two years over a three or four-year contract, forfeit the first round pick immediately. The chances of Lohse hitting those figures again can't be considered great, especially after he signs one of those nice, fat deals that often have a way of killing the incentive to care quitq in the same manner before you struck it rich.

My fear isn't Little Man Boras, or Lohse's age, but rather he is coming from the Cardinals. No team in recent memory has done better at finding struggling pitchers and converting them into solid starters. When they leave St. Louis? Not so much.

I was convinced it was because Cardinals' pitching coach Dave Duncan had magic pitching dust that he threw on his guys to change them into winners.

One of the biggest reasons the Cardinals have been one of the best teams over the past decade is their ability to find down-on-their-luck veteran pitchers on the cheap and convert them into multi-game winning starters, or closers, for a season or two. 

Whether it was Jeff Suppan, Kyle Lohse, Joel Pineiro, Jason Isringhausen, Jeff Weaver ... the Cardinals squeezed innings, wins, quality starts and World Series' titles on the arms of of pitchers who previously were thought to be shot.

Kansas+City+Royals+v+Texas+Rangers+5UjBxA8mNkZlLohse smells like a Jeff Weaver type - a guy who has had a nice run with the Cardinals and will cash in and revert to his previous form, which isn't awful but nothing like he had in 2012.

You ever notice the Cardinals never re-sign these guys?

The Rangers may not be thrilled with their offseason, and their rotation may not be totally set, but this is no reason to be desperate. They are not in the same position as they were in 2005 when they threw a bucket of cash at Kevin Millwood because they had no one else. BTW - Who was Millwood's agent? Scott Boras.

The Rangers have quality arms who can contribute quality innings in 2013. Think long and hard on Kyle Lohse.


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i think the rangers and the mavericks are competing for who can do the worse job of bringing in hot new talent.... that said, our cowboys still have the rangers and the mavericks beat 24/7. although we did fire rob ryan. that was a hot new move. jj is such a refreshingly innovative executive

Kel in West Texas

Kyle is a dud. We need to avoid this guy like the plague or have him pay us to play here.

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