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The curse of Wade Phillips continues

ImagesHard to blame the Houston Texans' December collapse on defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, but ... the trend continues, this time with the New England Patriots doing whatever it wanted on Sunday in the AFC Divisional playoff game.

On Dec. 2 the Texans were 11-1 and perhaps the best team in the NFL. They then lost four of their final six games, including the postseason. It's certainly not all on Wade, but his teams always do well in the regular season and die in the playoffs. 

He has been a head coach or a defensive coordinator for more than 30 years, and in that span his teams have reached one Super Bowl - the 1989 Denver Broncos. It is amazing a man can be around so much winning as Wade has, and just can't seem to win that final game.

Yr      Team   Position      Rec.     Playoffs
1981   Saints   DC              4-12     none
1982   Saints   DC              4-5       none
1983   Saints   DC              8-8       none
1984   Saints   DC              7-9       none
*1985   Saints  DC              5-11      none
1986   Eagles   DC              5-10-1    none
1987   Eagles   DC              7-8       none
1988   Eagles   DC              10-6      0-1
1989   Denv     DC              11-5     2-1
1990   Denv     DC              5-11     none
1991   Denv     DC              12-4     1-1
1992   Denv     DC              8-8      none
1993   Denv     DC               9-7     0-1
1994   Denv     head coach    7-9    none
1995   Bills      DC              10-6    1-1
1996   Bills      DC                10-6    0-1
1997   Bills      DC               6-10    none
1998   Bills      head coach   10-6   0-1
1999   Bills      head coach   11-5   0-1
2000   Bills      head coach    8-8    none
2002   Atl       DC              9-6-1    1-1
#2003  Atl      DC              5-11     none
2004   SD        DC              12-4     0-1
2005   SD        DC              9-7      none
2006   SD        DC               14-2   0-1
2007   Dal      head coach    13-3    0-1
2008   Dal      head coach     9-7     none
2009   Dal      head coach    11-5    1-1
^2010  Dal      head coach    1-7     none
2011   Hou      DC               10-6    1-1
2012   Hou      DC               12-4    1-1

*1-3 as interim head coach
# 2-1 as interim head coach
^ Fired after eighth game

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Heaven in Fort Worth

Ahhhh! Another 'target' of the Big Mac Blog. You love picking on 'Pudding' don't you! lol! Wade deserves it.

Richard Weeks

Yesterday I thought I saw Captain Kangaroo on the sidelines. Turned out it was Wade Phillips.


Jerry Jones wants to do something "uncomfortable".... then re-hire Wade to be the defensive cordinator. And if he really wants to feel super uncomfortable he should hire Norv Turner to be the offensive cordinator. It would be perfect and consistant with the laughably horrible decisions Jerry continues to make.

Chan in Big D

He is a decent enough cordinator. He totally proved that he is not a head coach. I'm sure he missed head coach money but he ain't it. But I would say he is a plenty fine defensive coach.


he is a 'bum'....or at least aspiring 'bum'

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