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The good news for the Mavericks comes from Los Angeles

Dwight_lakersFinding positives in this Dallas Mavericks' season is not easy, but if there is one it's the story developing not in Dallas but in Los Angeles.

The Lakers suck, and their big-time offseason acquisition - center Dwight Howard - hates playing in L.A.

Click on this - the All-Star center can't get along with Kobe Bryant; this story says Dwight and Kobe nearly got into a fight after a loss against the 76ers.

After a recent loss against the Los Angeles Clippers, Howard commented the difference between the two teams was that the Clippers "share the ball."

Howard told the AP: ""Look at the difference between our team and theirs - They just play together. They share the ball. Everybody's excited when something happens. We have to be like that to be a great team."

This is excellent news for the Mavericks. Howard can be a free agent after the season, and if you believe any of the reports from last summer he wanted to play with the Mavericks. Believe it at your own risk, but the Mavs have to cling to some sign they can improve their roster without years of playing the lottery.

Dwight needs the ball, and space, to do his thing. He doesn't get the ball a lot in LA - he averages 10.5 shots per game, or three less than he did over the past couple of years in Orlando.

Of course, it's not going to help now that he is hurt. NBATV is reporting Howard has a torn labrum and is out indefinitely.

If the Lakers season continues at this pace - they are 15-18 - expect the team to shop Howard. Best case for the Mavs is the Lakers flirt with a run, hold on to Howard, and he decides to bolt as a free agent. 

God knows the Mavs will have the cap space to sign him. Whether he is worth it is another matter.

It's not much, but it's something.


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Cuban can totally save face after letting this team nose dive after their NBA Championchip season. He signs Dwight Howard and a competent point guard and the Mavericks are contenders again.

Ronnie S.

I can't see how the Lakers don't pull it together. Too much talent. I think they pull it together, go deep in the playoffs and Howard signs with them when it's all said and done. (even though Kobe is impossible to deal with)

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