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The Mavericks need the Lakers to be competitive

Lakers-kobe-dwight-howardDALLAS, Texas - The most encouraging development for the Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team in a season that appears to be going nowhere is what is going on out west. 

The Los Angeles Lakers suck - click on this column from Yahoo Sports's Adrian Wojnarkowski about the state of the Lakers, which isn't good.

The Lakers are 17-25, and five games behind Houston for the eighth seed in the Western Conference. The addition of Dwight Howard has been a nothing; the biggest dud moves have been Steve Nash and coach Mark D'Antoni. 

The Lakers are so committed to so much money between recently fired coach Mike Brown and D'Antoni they can't do very much if they wanted to go with a different system. Nash looks like age is finally winning. Their offense can't go through D12 in D'Antoni's system. The team is not athletic on the perimeter. 

What the Mavs need to have any prayer of landing Howard, who can be a free agent this summer, is for the Lakers to go on a bit of run and secure the seventh or eighth spot in the playoffs. By doing so the Lakers will be less inclined to trade Howard, who has to be thinking he and Kobe can't co-exist peacefully on the same floor. 

If the Lakers continue to tank, the team is going to deal Howard and it's not going to be the Mavericks. 
The Lakers need to create management they may have it in them, and then fall apart in the playoffs.

A disgruntled D12 walks in the summer into the Bank of Cuban, which we have been assured is open.

It's a long shot, but at this point in the NBA season it's something.


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the lakers can suck it

I like your theory and I love our Dallas Mavericks, but that said I will still want the Lakers to fail and fail and fail. They have been crazy good for long enough. Having spent a glob of cash I'd love to see them choke on this experiment for another year or two. I think if Nash really is done, when his contract expires they will be in a position to rebuild that team. Until then I love watching Kobe's ego battle Dwight's big ego. It's more fun than watching the game.

Mavs Fan number 1

The Lakers have beat up on us, and the rest of the league forever. It's nice to see them hit a rough patch. I wont be suprised if they fix this soon but let's hope it drags on forever. I hope they trade Kobe to the Heat.


My Lakers ain't in the tank. You had Superman to the League of Justice and it takes a while for everbody to re-learn their roles. Give them time. So what if their regular season record isn't so great. Champions are made in the playoffs. This team has destiny written all over it so get out the way, back up the bus, and here come the Super Friends!!!

Ronnie in Arlington

how can you not hate the lakers???

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