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The reason Jerry Jones hired Jason Garrett is no more

Nfl_a_jones-garrett_300News out of Mobile, Alabama is that Dallas Cowboys head football coach Jason Garrett is no longer the team's play caller.

BACK PAT ALERT: Two months ago I - and a few others - predicted that if the Cowboys' missed the playoffs their primary "big" offseason changes would be to fire defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and to strip Jason Garrett of play calling duties and hand those to offensive assistant Bill Callahan.

Time to go to Vegas and put some of this genius to work.

As expected, Jerry Jones and Coach Process have "agreed" to let Callahan call the plays.

This is how the conversation went down:
Jerry Jones: "Jason, we're going to have Bill Callahan call the plays next season."
Jason Garrett: "Excellent decision, sir."

This is not the world's worst decision, but it is rather ironic.

Shortly after Bill Parcells resigned as this team's head coach in January of 2007 the first person Jerry sought was Miami Dolphins' quarterbacks coach Jason Garrett. Then Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga did not want to just let Garrett go. In fact, he didn't have to let him out of his contract.

"It was under the caveat that he’d call the plays," Jerry Jones told me at Cowboys' training camp in 2007. "Wayne said, ‘I really want him to be the coordinator. I really want him to be the play-caller. If so, I’ll let him come down there.’"

Jerry specifically hired Garrett away from the Dolphins to be his team's offensive coordinator and to call the plays. Today, he wants someone other than Jason Garrett to call the plays.


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cowboys suck

wow...these changes are really uncomfortable....NOT!

the fort worth whiner

Jerry will never do it, but I keep praying we get rid of Romo. JJ has proven he wants a brand name QB and he'll do anything to keep him even if he isn't any good. When we miss the playoffs next season for the umpteenth time next year who Jerry going to fire next. Keeping his QB happy is more important than winning.

Steve W.

The problem that I have with these latest decisions is that it does not really solve anything. It only reinforces that idea that Jerry is Coach Jones; you are never going to have success if you do not allow people to make their decisions on things. If Jason Garrett is the head coach, then he has to make certain decisions!!
The Cowboys will always be a mediocre team because of this owner's interference in everything. As long as Jones controls the "socks and jocks," Cowboy fans, your team is a lost cause.
You need to cross the street and root for the Rangers, who know what they are doing in the Metroplex!!!

free agent

So what? Jason knew what he was buying into. It's not like Jones doen't have a track record.

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