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Time for Jerry to start calling plays

Usp-nfl_-new-york-giants-at-dallas-cowboys-4_3_r560In an interview with CBS 11 that will run this weekend, Dallas Cowboys owner/GM/president/scout Jerry Jones said the decision to fire defensive coordinator Rob Ryan was based more on the losses to Seattle and Chicago than anything else.

The thinking was the defense was healthy then, and awful.

Using this same logic, why wasn't Ryan given a lifetime contract after the win against the Steelers on Dec. 16? The defense was injured then, and helped win the game. 

It was Jason Garrett's call to hire Rob Ryan, yet it was Jerry's call to fire him.

As for the recently fired Skip Peete and a few others - who cares? Career assistant coaches are completely interchangeable. They routinely bounce from team to team, and are only as smart as the talent they coach. 

Al-davisThis whole thing remains such an "uncomfortable" mess that it's time for Jerry to just start calling the plays himself. If he is going to continue, and insist, to be the final call on everything from personnel to the assistant coaches he may as well go completely all in and make the decision to run DeMarco Murray to the left, or pass it to Dez Bryant on a slant.

Now Jerry is interviewing, and likely hiring, 72-year-old veteran defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin to clean up Rob Ryan's mess. BTW - Jerry is 70.

Does Garrett have any say? Does it matter? 

With each passing day the Cowboys are increasingly developing into the Oakland Raiders under the late Al Davis; it was Davis who had the final say on everything, up to and including the active roster on Sundays, as well as certain plays.

There was no greater influence in Jerry's early days as an NFL owner than Al; at this point Jerry may as well go all in and do as Al did and just call a few plays as well.


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Jerry needs to suit up as quarterback. that's what he wants. he wants to be a playa. he owns the team. put him in. we can't be much worse than we are now.


people give jerry a hard time. the same things that make him a great owner make him a crappy owner. he is a few plays away from having a playoff team. he has a playoff calibur roster now. a few lucky breaks and his team is 10 and 6. i hope he continues to push hard and turn things around in dallas. hard work isn't usually instangly gratifying but ultimately does pay dividens. i hope jerry keeps at it. it's a good franchise with a lot of up side.

Shaun from Five Points, Dallas

Be calm peoples. JJ knows what is doin. The man runs a multi-bilion dollar business. He suits cost mo than most of us peoples make in a year. The Cowboys peoples will put a good product on the team next years. We need to believe in them, support them, and wear there colors out.

Texas Jack

Shaun from Five Points and runningtraining..both of you missed calling, you both should do standup comedy.

Jerry STOLE a multi-million dollar business, don't believe me. Go ask a lot of people in Arkansas about Jerry's dealings.

a few plays from a playoff team eunning, try SEVERAL HUNDRED PLAYS from snffing a palyoff team

too bad they already did Dumb & Dumber 3 in White House, maybe if they di a sequel you two can do it
Shaun, leave off ebonics and try and communicate like you did graduate high school


Jerry Jones has been "a few plays away from making the playoffs" for something like 15 years. He stinks.


You people aren't fans, you are haters. I pay to go to the games; season tickets. I buy the jerseys; the good ones you get at the stadium. I love our Cowboys and think we are lucky to have such a great, and savy, owner. Jerry will get us there. It's a process. A few more players. A little more experience and Romo and the boys will take us to the promised land. Just you watch. This will probably go down as one of the best Cowboy teams ever.

Victor K.

JJ is in a slump. He needs to win the division next year to win back the fans. Our boys have been special in the past but the NFL is a 'now' business and the time is now. I think he is mostly being smart but I don't have a lot of faith in what he is doing but like him, I don't have many better ideas short of blowing up this team. I want it and am hoping for bigger things next year. Let's keep our fingers crossed Cowboy fans.

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