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Trying to find another win for TCU's basketball team is not easy

201301232108761178153-p2There has not been a whole lot to write about TCU's basketball team in its first season in the Big 12 conference because they are just so not good.

The Frogs lost at West Virginia 71-50 on Wednesday night, and the final score wasn't that close.

TCU is under .500 for the first time this season, dropped to 0-6 in the Big 12 and now the only remaining suspense for this season is whether the team can win another game. The safe bet is no. When the Frogs lost at home against Texas Tech on Jan. 5 that that was their last best chance at a win.

Don't pin this on first-year coach Trent Johnson. He has no players, and two of his best players - forward Amric Fields and Jarvis Ray - are hurt.

But don't buy that simply because he coaches a slow and deliberate pace of basketball that means he is a great coach. Slow basketball sometimes gives the illusion that it's well-coached basketball. Single-possession basketball can win - ask Michigan State and Butler - but you need bruising players that can defend, rebound, and know the importance of not turning over the ball.

Also, at some point, you do need to score. TCU is arguably the worst scoring team in all of Division I.

Johnson needs his guys before we can determine he can win here. That means two years, at least. This program has been terrible for so long, and is so routinely ignored, that Johnson may need longer than that. 

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John @ TCU

we suck. end of story.


TCU has been a great addition to the Big 12 so far......

Bryan, tcu sophmore

Don't kid yourself. Johnson is going to need a lot longer than 2 years.

Unless Johnson is an AMAZING recruiter (he is not) TCU basketball best hope is to be a .500 team.

Get a real recruiter who can sell people on Fort Worth and we could be serious team.


In Big 12 football TCU did not win a conference home game, and so far in basketball TCU has yet to win a conference game.....what exactly does TCU bring to the Big 12?


We win one of these three..... TT, WV or TX


Johnson has inked the #3 Center in the 2013 recruiting class in Karviar Shepherd and has a four star shooting guard named Brandon Parrish who are going to go a long way toward turning this thing around. All of the services I have seen have this class ranked 25-30th in the country, which is better than the Frogs have done in decades. Add this class to Fields coming back and the Frogs will be much more competitive in 2013-2014


Hey James. Ask the Big 12 coaches if TCU brings nothing to the table. Trust me. They know that TCU will bring it. Keep thinking your simple minded crap.


Roger, is it too much to ask to win one home football game ?


Another great showing for the frog in basketball against BU..

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