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Video: Galloway & Big Mac pledge positivity & award a Least Bad FW/d title



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Edit This

This is easily your best video. You should post it for the third time tomorrow.

When are you going to post a "Greatest Hits video" reliving all the memorable moments from all 10 of the videos you two have done together.

Big Mac of Love

good video. i liked it better the first time. seemed more original first go round.

The Galloway-Engel Express

you should work to get a local cable access show going. you guys are funny together. be entertaining. talk about sports and stuff people like and i bet you can get on tv. good stuff boys.

Adam McBrynne

i think galloway is drunk for most of these video segments. i dont know what mac's excuse is

Amber Pete

Galloway is the best. These segments are good. My dad knows Randy and I've read his stuff for years. I like being able to watch him. He is always entertaining.

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