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Video: Galloway & Coach Bane fear for the Cowboys




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Happy New Year

love these segments. good banter. some legitimate insights. call it the best segment you have done all year.

(and i love the props!)

.....keep 'em coming! you and randy are like peanut better and jelly; great together!

The Odd Couple

The Big Mac of Love & The Romosexual are the perfect pairing!


On the Cowboys best day, the represent mediocrity.

soon to be NHL fan

Galloway is right. All the Cowboys are going to do is some "fluff". Jerry and his brain trust aren't going to do anything radical or daring or risky. They are going to pay Romo, keep Red, and shuffle some papers around their desk. You want to do something great; gut the team. Blow it up. Slash and burn the roster. Fire the coach. Get rid of Tony Romo. Go for broke. Give up control. I'd love to see tons of empty seats next year. We love football and we love our Cowboys. Do something radical.

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