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What can cure the Dallas Mavericks

628x471Watching the Dallas Mavericks defeat the Washington Wizards 103-94 on Jan. 1 it is now apparent what the Mavs team requires - just play the Wizards all the time.

Just when you thought Michael Jordan's Charlotte Bobcats were the worst team in the NBA, the last team he played for has new team beat. The Wizards are devoid of NBA talent in a way that could take several years to change.

The Mavericks may not be great - they are 13-19 - but they are a mere three wins behind Portland for the eighth seed in the West. Not sure reaching the playoffs is the cure for what this team needs, but the Mavericks are certainly not the worst team in the NBA.

We really won't know how good this team can be until Dirk Nowitzki is back to his regular starting spot and playing starter-like minutes. He played 17 minutes against the Wizards and scored 11 points.

By mid January the Mavericks should look like the team they planned on, and then we can decide how "good" they actually are.


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