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What Monte Kiffin needs

Hi-res-78728171_crop_exactSo the Dallas Cowboys are hiring loooooooooooooong time, veteran, grizzled Monte Kiffin to be their next defensive coordinator.

It is ironic that the reason Jerry Jones specifically hired Wade Phillips to be his head coach in 2007 was to run an execute a 3-4 defense. Now? That same 3-4 apparently sucks - Kiffin is going to the 4-3.

This is the same scheme Mike Zimmer ran for the Cowboys for forever, until Bill Parcells told him to adopt the 3-4 back in 2004.

Monte Kiffin, Wade Phillips, Mike Zimmer, Dave Wanstedt, Rob Ryan ... the names all change but the basic premise and rules apply - these guys need players to make a 4-3, 3-4, Tampa 2, 4-6 or whatever other scheme look good.

By season's end, the Dallas Cowboys didn't have enough good players who could generate enough negative plays to make a difference on defense. This is why Rob Ryan got canned. It's all about players, people.

Usp-nfl_-preseason-st-louis-rams-at-dallas-cowboys-4_3_r560If the Cowboys do not solve their problems up the middle, they're screwed. 

Jay Ratliff has to be healthy, that's assuming he returns. Josh Brent was developing into a major log-jam in the middle, but that's done. Jason Hatcher is built more like an end, but he would be a tackle in this scheme. Sean Lissemore looks like he may be a decent tackle, and Tyrone Crawford could have a future as a 4-3 end.

Sean Lee and Bruce Carter have to be healthy for all 16 games. The Cowboys have not received any significant plays from either safety position since Roy Williams was a rookie. 

DeMarcus Ware is not going to be a pass rusher almost exclusively. He was a defensive end in college, which was a long time ago. We may be witnessing the end of his prime years regardless of scheme.

The team has not made a decision on Anthony Spencer; he also was a defensive end in college. 

Kiffin is a good coach, but he is no different than any other coordinator - if he doesn't have players, it doesn't matter.


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Camilla K. in Austin

Jones hired Kiffin because is decent and he is old. If Jerry decides to clean house in a year or two, he can get rid of Red and his staff easily. Kiffin ain't breaking the bank. JJ is going to do something drastic in the years to come. If the Red-Romo era doesn't produce dumping an old dude like Kiffin will be easy.

Amber Pete

We need to do something. This probably isn't it but I'm glad to see our Cowboys making some moves.

Jason S.

You keep bagg'n on our Cowboys. We have talent. We have All Pro - All World athletes. We are the elite. The elite of the elite. We just need some team spirit. We need our fans and the media (you and your brothers) to support us. The League is ultra competitive. We need fan support to take it to the next level.

Chad L.

"What Lane Kiffin is..." Social security, AARP, a nice walker, stool softner, somebody to change his diapers.... Is Jerry trying to hire guys he went to High School with???? Come on, man! Kiffin is older than dirt. We need some new young fresh blood. Kiffin should be fishing, playing with his great grand kids and enjoying his retirement. Jones is flat out crazy for bringing in this fossil.


kiffin?!?!?!!!! i just heard this news. really????? kiffin! what a joke. i wasn't planning on canceling my season tickets but this does it. how in god's name does is kiffin different from rob ryan. what a complete and utter joke.


who is a bigger hypocrite; jerry for telling us this move will help the team or for us stupid fans for keeping on buying tickets while knowing this move will not help our team/record one bit

i thought Rob Ryan was a supid choice

Kiffin needs to change his diaper he is so excited. Amazing. I would rather Jones hire my 6 month old son than this re-tred, loser, over the hill, never was. Pathetic.

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