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What Tony Romo could learn from RG3

628x471(Have to give this to Star-Telegram's Clarence E. Hill jr. (Twitter - @Clarencehilljr) for this one ...)

If you want to see the difference between Robert Griffin III and Tony Romo just look at their interceptions. The rookie season is when NFL quarterbacks enjoy a grace period of being able to toss picks right and left (Peyton threw 28 as a rookie; Elway had 14 against 7 TDs; Andrew Luck has 18). Even as a rookie, however, RGIII never throws interceptions.

He never has. He either runs, or eats it. He seldom forces the ball.

In 393 passing attempts this season with the Redskins, RGIII threw 20 TDs and was intercepted five times.

Now go back to his days at Baylor and RGIII never threw interceptions.
2008: - 15 TDs/3 interceptions in 267 attempts.
2009: - 4 TDs/0 interceptions in 69 attempts (injury cut short his season).
2010: - 22 TDs/8 interceptions in 454 attempts.
2011: - 37 TDs/6 interceptions in 402 attempts.

Tony-romo-cowboys-redskins-giThat is 98 TD passes and 22 interceptions in 1,585 attempts since 2008.

Tony Romo? Different story. The man is not afraid to throw the football on the football field, which at times has been a detriment to his team.

2000 Eastern Illinois - 27 TDs/12 interceptions in 278 atts.
2001 Eastern Illinois - 21 TDs/6 interceptions in 207 atts.
2002 Eastern Illinois - 34 TDs/16 interceptions in 407 atts.
2006 Cowboys - 19 TDs/13 interceptions in 337 atts.
2007 Cowboys - 36 TDs/19 interceptions in 520 atts.
2008 Cowboys - 26 TDs/14 interceptions in 450 atts.
2009 Cowboys - 26 TDs/9 interceptions in 550 atts.
2010 Cowboys - 11 TDs/7 interceptions in 213 atts.
2011 Cowboys - 31 TDs/10 interceptions in 522 atts.
2012 Cowboys - 28 TDs/19 interceptions in 648 atts.

The moral of the story - Don't throw interceptions. It can only hurt the ballclub.



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Bill Washington

RG3 is special. Romo is anything but. I think what you highlight here is valuable realative to Romo's overall sucsess, or lack thereof. But I think it's only a small part of Romo. I think a bigger part of Romo is some flaw in his character. It defines him as a player and probably a player. I don't see how we win with him; intereceptions andd all.

Bubba Quinn

The differences between Romo and RG3 are huge. Romo is a question mark. Romo is Hollywood. Romo has zero spirit. Romo to date has routinely blown it in key moments. RG is full of hope, spirit, hustle, promise, character and leadership. Romo might get it done someday. He has some tools and a quality organization. But I wouldn't bet a lot of money that he will turn it around and become a winner. It's a huge risk for the Cowboys to double down on Romo and give him an exstension. He might get it done but I would move on if he was the GM of Dallas.


This will continue to be a problem until issues with the offensive line are addressed (probably through a good draft). The lackluster offensive line also accounts for the tepid running game to a large extent.

Paque Brown

Can you really compare these guys?!?! Romo is either at his prime, age and stagewise. Unlike most folks, I think Romo has some skills and is still a likely enough guy to win it all. He has a great organization. He is a good quarterback. As long as he stays healthy, I don't know why we wouldn't resign the guy thru his 36 birthday. But comparing him and RG is impossible. RG is young, fresh, hot young talent, full of promise hope and flash. Romo is older, way more tenured and has had to learn the hard way to take care of the ball and find a way to win. I hope Romo wins a Super Bowl or at least an NFC title. Without that, he is nothing more than a journeyman pro who had a lot of promise and maybe doesn't deserve to wear the star on his helmet.

John in Fairfax

I'm a Skins fan, so I'm outside looking in on Romo, but does Romo realize that he needs to be a leader on his team? It's all in the body language, and if you compare him vs RGIII, it's obvious who is the natural leader and who isn't.


Thanks for choosing a picture of RGIII in his Baylor jersey. Sic'Em!


Its not even the amount of interceptions, its when he throws them.

If he threw 20 INTs but when games were on the line he came up big, then nobody would care. At criticals points, he simply cant function. History shows it.


TR is the modern day version of Danny White, good qb most of the time but never going to get us to the promised land. The real problem is the owner and his monstrous ego. Stick to selling hot dogs in the Taj Mahal and hire a real GM.

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