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1 year later - The TCU drug bust was a bust

TCU-Campus_jpg_800x1000_q100It has been one year to the day when the world ended at TCU. A large group of TCU students, including four football players, were busted for selling drugs. The high point was the vigil held by the TCU students.

Why in the name of Stupid was a vigil necessary? This was a case of students being dramatic for the sake of being dramatic. No need to create drama when it usually falls into your lap at the worst time.

One TCU undergrad received a phone call from her grandmother in Panama, who told her she was coming to get her and that she had to leave the school immediately.

One year later we know this giant drug bust wasn't a case of 18 Pablo Escobars running TCU's campus. Nearly all of these people received little punishments - $300 for court costs. Some deferred adjudication probation.

One year later we know the once pristine football team is not immune to the problems that befall most major college football teams. 

UnknownOne year later we know the only collateral from this has not been with the four football players directly involved but one who wasn't - quarterback Casey Pachall. 

One year later we know, because this was indeed an isolated incident, that the program has not turned into The 1990's University of Miami Hurricanes (although for the sake of winning that may not be the worst thing).

One year later we know this was a story only because it involved four football players - defensive tackle D.J. Yendrey, defensive back Devin Johnson, linebacker Tanner Brock and offensive tackle Ty Horn.

According to Texas State University, Yendrey has spent the previous semester at the school and practiced with the team. He will have one year of eligibility remaining to play for the Bobcats under former TCU coach Dennis Franchione.

Brock has enrolled at Sam Houston State, and will have one year of eligibility to play.

The general reaction from the TCU student body was more of embarrassment more than shock. The vast majority of students I spoke with just assumed this sort of thing happens. Maybe not the dealing, but certainly some use.
The people in and around TCU didn't much care for the news vans and the way this story was portrayed. These are the same people who would gladly consume such a story, and take a little glee, if it had happened in College Station, Waco or Lubbock.

One year later we know there was a little over-reaction to this story, but that both the school and the football team handled it the only way they could.

One year later, everybody has moved on. As they should.


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"the school handled it the only way they could."

All Saints Episcopal Upper-Upper School should have handled this in a much better way. The administration should be ashamed for the way they handled this mess. Keep it in-house. The school didn't need assistance from the FW police to straighten this problem out. The school did not need to drag kids names through the mud like that.

Kelly, tcu student

Why do you hate Casey so much. We love Casey. He is a hero and so tall and sweet.


Doug, why are you dragging All Saints into a story about TCU??


Am soooo tired of this sportswriter's criticism of TCU, and no, I am not a frog. I normally avoid anything he writes because his slants and prejudices are so blatantly obvious to anyone with a half a brain. Surprised that the Star-Telegram continues to employ him. I and others turn to any writer from any sports reporting other than him. Wake up Star-Telegram !!!!!!


There are several Ft. Worth sports fans over here that were curious if you would actually post for all to see my earlier post about displeasure with Mac's slants and prejudices, especially against TCU where I must say that none of the 6 of us went . . . Scared to post displeasure with your writing MAC ??? We're going to pass this on to very many of our other local sports fans. What a joke this comment posting process is. Shame on you Mac and shame on you Star-Telegram, if anyone but Mac actually gets to see this . . . From a former world class athlete.

Reality hitting you in the face

Tcu handled the PR aspects of the story terribly. VB's excellent work running tcu will always be tainted by the handling of this issue. Somebody should have been fired for that press conference. And I don't say that lightly as I know these are real people with families.

I'll always be embarrassed by the administration that the students for what happened 2-15-12.

Richard T (former TCU student,co 2011)

I miss Tanner brock, he was the best defensive player on the team, hands down. It's sad to see his NFL future go down the drain. I guess when you make bad decisions in your life, you have to face the consequences. I wonder if he would ever get noticed by NFL scouts at Sam Houston state or if the program is good enough to coach him to be a NFL draftee.


I don't miss Tanner Brock. He made the choice to be a drug dealer. Tanner Brock's father is a high school football coach who spent his whole career trying to keep kids away from drugs and alcohol. Then his son decides to be a drug dealer. I do remember where an NFL scout said we can deal with substance abuse but we will not tolerate a drug dealer. Tanner is a great linebacker but he chose to hurt his football team and himself.

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