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Awesome pizza coming to Fort Worth

PhotoThis has taken a bit longer than originally scheduled, but the greatness that is Campisi's is coming very soon to Fort Worth. Like April.

The pizza place that was for years just a Dallas thing is finally expanding over into Fort Worth.

Took a look at the interior today and the crews are coming along nicely. This restaurant is currently accepting applications, etc.

If you have never been to a Campisi's, be sure to try it when it opens. It's greatness.

6150 Camp Bowie Blvd.
Fort Worth, Texas 76116


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B Mac

Thanks for the heads-up Mac. You're an expert in many subjects .... sports, recently religion, now food critic. Keep it coming :)

mike w

Awesome pizza is already in fort worth....bosses is clearly the best and most awesome.

pizza boy

love this za'!

free agent

Does Campisi's have a religious following? What are the social ramifications? Will you interview ownership? Will you lecture the masses on the virtues of pizza as opposed to barbeque? Is there a future book deal in this for you? If so, will you keep movie rights unless you can review the movie first in the metroplex? Burning questions awaiting your answers.

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