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Chris Kyle: The man. The myth. The legend. RIP

BC2CGTbCAAAJDco.jpg-largeARLINGTON, Texas - Memorial services normally aren't welcome to a sports blog, but exceptions should be made.

This afternoon at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, thousands attended to pay tribute to the recently slain NAVY Seal sniper Chris Kyle. The hour-plus long service was sad, sweet, patriotic, decidedly Texan, and ultimately a human touch for a man who in recent days has been painted as Greek God Superman.

There was no way anybody attending this service did not cry, especially when Kyle's wife - Taya - spoke to their couple's children.

Chris' accomplishments as a sniper have been well documented and celebrated with stories and medals, but the humanity of this man has not. A man's ability to bear hug isn't as cool as a hitting a target in high wind with a high powered rifle.

His friends told stories about how, despite his presence in the United States Navy, he actually hated the water. That he was a bit of a slob. That he preferred to wear his Texas Longhorns hat rather than standard issued outfit. How he went out of his way to find a reason not to participate in any training exercise that involved water. Chris was, according to friends, an endless prankster. 

BC2d5qXCAAAJYfo.jpg-largeThe service a scene of loss, sadness and hurt.

A letter written by Kyle's parents was read. In it included: "Our hearts ache to feel those loving bear hugs. For us to hear I love you dad. And I love you mom."

A young man with two young children and a wife, and whose presence meant to so many others, is gone. Watching his wife, Taya Kyle, struggle with her words as she recounted their relationship put 'sadness' in a different perspective.

"I stand before you a broken woman," she said, struggling to keep her composure.

Taya recounted the beginnings of their relationship how she confided in him, "I'm really messed up."  To which he said, "You're a package deal, babe."

At the end of her letter, Taya said: "I love you, Chris. I love you. I love you."

The service concluded with the traditional playing of Taps, followed by a procession of Scottish bag pipes. Chris' casket was then carried out, followed by Taya and the couple's two young children.

Chris Kyle
April 8, 1974 - February 2, 2013

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Quinton Huffman

RIP Chris Kyle. A True American Hero. Sending condolences and love from Salisbury, NC.

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