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Derek Fisher, part-time point guard, full-time fraud

Derek-Fisher-OKCAs if we didn't already know but Derek Fisher is a joke. Either that or he's had enough of his family. Actually ... that has some legs so you can't rule that out.

Fisher, who signed after the start of the season with the Dallas Mavericks only to leave the team after nine whole games because he was homesick has suddenly had a change of heart about staying at home.

According to Yahoo Sports, Fisher has come to an agreement to return to the Oklahoma City Thunder and play basketball away from his family.  Wow, that can't be easy. He must be low on funds. Man's gotta support his family, huh? 

Let's see ... the Dallas Mavericks are 25-30 and six wins behind the Houston Rockets for the eighth seed in the Western Conference. His leaving was probably the best thing for Darren Collison, who quietely is developing into a much better point guard since Fisher left.
The Thunder are 41-15, and three games behind the San Antonio Spurs for the top spot in the West.

Fisher's return to the NBA reinforces a pro sports truth: Always be skeptical of the guy who says he is either homesick or wants to spend more time with his family.

It reminds me of the time when then Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells in 2006 was asked about Vinny Testaverde coming out of retirement, again, to play for the New England Patriots.

"Vinny just wanted to get out of the house," Parcells joked. Only it wasn't a joke.

Fisher obviously is a good family man who loves his crew, but please suspend the homesick act posthaste. Derek Fisher simply wanted to play basketball, and not lose.

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K Pow on MLK, Dallas

Fisher should be allowed to do whatever he wants. Every Mavs fan knew why he was leaving. D is used to winning. The Mavs couldn't find winning with a road map at this point. I don't blame him and I don't miss him. We aren't contenders and he wasn't helping us get there.

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