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Fill out your Pope brackets!

Scola122way-23721761921f6c1f44eda5112c2c7977d5f01850-s6-c10The Pope's Twitter account, @Pontifex is scheduled to remain running. WIN! In what appears to be Benedict's final Tweet, he wrote: "Thank you for your love and support. May you always experience the joy that comes from putting Christ at the centre of your lives."

He apparently removed a Twitter message earlier that read: "Did you see Steph Curry drop 54 at the Garden?! OMG!"

Today, the Pope Benedict XVI retired from the Vatican, off to a life of bingo, 4 p.m. dinners, mid-morning naps, and full-contact shuffleboard while watching the Weather Channel.

As scheduled, Pope Benedict spent his last day as pope after eight fun-filled "controversy" free years. You know that scene had to be off the chain.

While his Twitter account will remain up, no word on whether the new Pope will have a Facebook account, My Space and or use Four Square to let us know when he's checked in at Starbucks.

Sportsbooks are setting odds at his successor. Not kidding. According to at least one site, go hard on Angelo Scola. He is an Italian Cardinal, and apparently has an unblockable fadeaway jumper. The knock is he can't go to this left. 

Click on this to fill out your Pope brackets.




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