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Herschel Walker alert - the 49ers are Cowboying the 2013 NFL draft

Walkerx-largeWith an appearance in the 2011 NFC title game followed by a narrow loss in this year's Super Bowl, the San Francisco 49ers are this close to becoming the most dominant team in the NFC. 

Now they have the draft picks to go all Cowboys on this decade. And they didn't even need Minnesota Vikings GM Mike Lynn to do it.

Today the 49ers have dealt the former No. 1 overall pick, quarterback Alex Smith, to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs love them some backup quarterbacks.

The 49ers will not have a whopping 15 draft picks in the 2013 NFL draft, with five of those coming in the first three rounds. This will be the most draft picks for any one team since the league went to eight rounds in 1993.

This smells a little like the Dallas Cowboys dealing Herschel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings on Oct. 12, 1989.
The Cowboys sent Herschel Walker to the Vikings for LB Jesse Solomon, DB Issac Holt, RB Darrin Nelson, LB David Howard and DE Alex Stewart. There were also included in that deal six draft picks, (conditional 1st and 2nd rounds in '90 and '91; 1st round and conditional 3rd in '92.

Hi-res-156511907_crop_exactThe Cowboys moved several of these picks after this deal, and by the end the Cowboys landed: 
RB Emmitt Smith, DT Russell Maryland, CB Kevin Smith, S Darren Woodson, CB Clayton Holmes

With the talent they already have, and this influx of draft picks, the 49ers are in a position to own the NFC for a while.


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free agent

Congratulations to a well organized and run team. I envy such.

cowboys crap

Jerry Jones is the worst. We should be celebrating such moves. Instead we are celebrating resigning the lame Tony Romo. Ugh.

shocked in fort worth

WOW! I couldn't believe this when I read it. I can't believe, in this day and age, ANY TEAM would give that much for anybody (short of Tom Brady or a healthier/young Peyton Manning) Simply amazed. Cowboys should be getting beat on plenty by the 49ers for years. Let's hope for both GM's this trade works. I never thought after the Hershel Walker trade (disater) we would ever see anything like this ever again. Incredible.

depressed in dallas

It's a great trade for the 49ers. I don't see them getting worse as a result of the number of picks they are picking up in the draft. I do envy them. This is what good GM's do. They develop talent, build their roster, and put it together. The Niners will be even better, barring injury. It's another sad, do nothing, give tony romo an ext day, in big d.

herman on martin luther king drive in dallas

y do i still love our c-boys???? we ain't had nothing like this or even seen nothing like this since we dissed MN and traded herschel for a mountain of picks. we need to do something soon. next season will be here before you know it.

len, from the land down under

BOOM goes the dynamite. It's on and it's on. The Niners are on the clock. Stand back and try not to get any on you... it's going to be big and messy. Look out Dallas. The NFC just got a whole lot tougher.

bummed in waco

reason number 56,482 we need a real gm with a real stratedgy


I like the 49ers. Harbaugh has really turned it around for them. 15 draft picks is a ton. Even a bad GM, like Jerry, would be hard pressed to blow all 15 picks and not come up with anything. That said, keep this in mind; it's a quarterback league. If Collin Kapernick goes down, they will miss Alex Smith. Alex is a very decent QB. You have to have a smart and savy guy under center. In Denver, and New England, there aren't enough draft choices to convince those organizations to trade their prize qb's. My heart will always be in Dallas but I like what the 49ers are doing but I like/admire what San Fran is doing. I wish we had some of their problems. 5 years from now it will be interesting to see if the niners were able to spin their straw into gold. I like their chances but it ain't over till it's over.

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