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It's better that Josh Hamilton not play in a "true, true baseball town"

158400510_28756125_214947You may miss former Texas Rangers' outfielder Josh Hamilton's ability to hit monster home runs, but I will miss this man's candor. The edit button on his mouth didn't work all the time.

Now with the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles, that same edit button still doesn't. God bless him for that.

Take for instance his interview with Gina Miller (@ThatSportsGirl) of CBS 11 that aired Sunday night. In Gina's behind-the-scenes to the interview she noted that Hamilton is keeping his family in north Texas. He wanted to buy house in Newport Beach, Calif. but didn't because the price of real estate is too expensive.

It's depressing to think a man who recently signed a five-year, $125 million contract can't afford a home near where he works.

He did notice that the Texas Rangers' fans quickly got spoiled by the team's consecutive World Series appearances. 

“Texas, especially Dallas, has always been a football town. They’re supportive, but they also got a little spoiled at the same time, pretty quickly," he told Gina Miller. 

He also added: "It's not a true baseball town."

It is better for Josh Hamilton that he not play in a true baseball town. If Josh thought the criticism directed his way for his play late last season was harsh, go to Boston. Or go to the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Not Anaheim. The Angels may be a successful franchise, but neither that fan base nor that media market is going to roast him if his production slides because he can't see through his right eyelid. As much as I personally like Josh, some of the drama that he generated is going to play better in certain markets.

The smartest move Josh made was to go to a place where not only can he win, but that he has protection in the lineup and plays in a market that does not have the scrutiny of a Yankees, Mets or a Cubs. He's going to receive praise and criticism wherever he plays because he's Josh Hamilton, but the intensity will not be as intense in a place like Anaheim.

Josh is right in that FW/d is not a true baseball town. This area feels a Week 3 Dallas Cowboys loss almost with the same intensity as that Rangers' loss in Game 6 against th Cardinals.

In a way, that worked to his benefit here and it should in Anaheim.

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free agent

Forget Hamilton. He's old news. But he's nicotine & caffienne free now, right? Just glad he could accomplish that on our watch. Those evil substances!!

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