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It's official - Jason Garrett has been neutered

512xListening to Dallas Cowboys assistant head football coach to the general manager deliver a state of the staff on Wednesday afternoon was almost painful. Not since the State of the Union and the GOP rebuttal have so many words been spoken without anything actually having been said.

You can't blame Jason Garrett, though. The man has had his knees cut out from under him by the real head coach of this franchise. If Garrett is able to keep this team playing hard for him the way he has in the previous two years it will be a great achievement.

Garrett would not specifically say ... well, anything, but it does sound as if Bill Callahan will be this team's play caller in 2013. Garrett threw out some BS about how this process has evolved over the years, and this has been a collective exercise.

"My respect for him is off the charts," Garrett said of Callahan.

It should be noted Coach Process expressed similar respect for Skip Peete and Rob Ryan. Both of those guys were fired this offseason.

Apparently the play calling has always been a collective thing since Coach Process became the head coach. This is an outstanding way of sharing the blame. Bill Parcells was one of the best at this.

Garrett would not say whether he will call plays next season, but all signs point to Callahan carrying that responsibility with Garrett as the final say. That's not completely atypical for a lot of offenses.

This whole play-calling thing is a giant mask for this team's real problems - the talent level isn't high enough. Both lines have been weak, and the depth isn't there.

"We trust the offense and we're pretty confident we'll get it right," Garrett said.

At this point, he is strictly in the minority.

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wow. this is huge. (not) i'm sooo uncomfortable. (not)

when is jj and the cowboy brain trust going to wake up and fix the problems. quit over spending. go get some fresh young HUNGRY talent.

we are going to suck bad next season.

Kendall in Dallas

You have to give Red some serious props. How does he keep a straight face. How does he constantly lie to the press, the fans, and anybody who will listen. You gotta love money or something to grin and bare it like he does. What a load of garbage. I wonder if he will even wear a head set during the games?!?!? You gotta think, aside from deciding if they should have grape or orange flavored gatoraide at the games, he doesn't do much of anything.


Are they even going to call him "Head Coach" anymore???? And when will Garret expand his duties again; er, i mean something other than working consessions or being a checker in one of Jerry's store's at Texas stadium.


The Cowboys will not be a winning team until Jerry Jones divorces himself from any part in running the team.


53 minutes of Jason Garrett - this should be copied and used from now on to torture POWs!

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