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Kate Upton > Katherine Webb

Screen-shot-2013-02-08-at-5-55-13-pmSports Illustrated may not be the power it once was, but its annual swimsuit issue remains a pop culture smash. 

For the second time in as many years, model Kate Upton has been selected to grace the cover of the swimsuit issue.

You may notice that Katherine Webb, her of the Brent Musberger Alabama-Notre Dama BcS title game fame will also be in this issue. Poor thing, hope she is OK with all of this new attention.



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Kelsey Lauren

You have to give SI a lot of credit. They don't stick to the norm's of society about women needing to be stick thin or whatever is a good thing. Kate Upton is a little thick and maybe even a little bit sloppy fat but it's cool. I think promoting women as real people an not super skinny is a better message for our young ladies. Thumbs up to SI for having the guts to have a heavier, or plus size girl as this year's cover girl.

Helen @ Fort Worth

I love this blog. You are the only sports guy that doesn't promote female models who are stick thin. Women that are a little fuller, or thicker, is a better, non-sexest way, and a more real and accurate portrayal of women. Thank you.

Andrea Porter

Sloppy fat? Thick? Ridiculous!


I would not want to be in lovely Kate's micro thong in the dressing room with the other so called "super models".. From what I've read they have the long knives out for her because she has something that they don't.. A feminine bosom.

Laura Sherman in Dallas

Dear Mr. Big Mac Blog,

Thank you for promoting this story. While I generally think women in bathing suits is demeaning, I do think it's important to promote "REAL" women and not sickly looking, stick thin, models.

Miss Upton has a pretty smile and a healthy appetite. She is a size 8 or 10 and not a super, crazy, thin girl. Eating is healthy, natural, and something everybody should do.

I congradulat you and SI for promoting women with a little cellulite.

Ken Faultner

Kate Upton is fat???? You people are insane. She is a super model. If that's what you look like when you eat pizza and chips, then I am going to run home and get my wife on a steady diet of the stuff.

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