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Man v. Zombies plus Man v. Man in Walking Dead

Walkingdead3blogThings outside of Atlanta are not going well in this latest installment of The Walking Dead.

SPOILER ALERT - The world is filled with human-flesh eating zombies. 

For the vast majority of this show the cental theme has been human survival in the most dire circumstances against zombies. Now the show has added another bad guy to the scene - humans vs. humans. 

Just when sanity seemed to rejoin The Governor he is out to finally get rid of the good people at the West Georgia Correctional Facility Prison, where their leader continues to see and hear his dead wife, who remains wearing her wedding dress.

The dynamic between the two brothers Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) has been fleshed out a little; they were both abused by their father. The two are committed to each other, until Daryl finally called out his older brother in a fairly tense moment. By show's end we do find out blood is thicker than zombie-flesh-filled water.

Sgt. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) seems to have finally checked out and incapable of returning to the group.

And that is all dramatic enough until the show's final 10 or so minutes when the Governor's gang opened-fire on the people at the prison. To make matters worse, these guys ripped open a giant hole in the prison fence specifically to unleash a heard of zombies. Not cool.

Not sure how Sgt. Grimes is going to escape this scenario of doom, but it should be done with a fair amount of blood and gore.

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The prison is not Woodbury. Woodbury is the secured town that the Governor runs. The Prison is just referred to as "The Prison" but is actually the West Georgia Correctional Facility.

The Big Mac Blog

Thanks for that catch on Woodbury and the proper name of the correctional facility. Much appreciated.

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