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Marquise Goodwin, future Oakland Raider

Hi-res-7080758_crop_exactThe NFL combine is done, and now we can proceed to listening to all of the lies and minimalizations of the 2013 rookie class by draft experts, scouts and NFL coaches and general managers.

Among the most curious of prospects is University of Texas WR Marquise Goodwin. He is only 5-foot-10, 175 pounds but he is stupid fast. 

In Indianapolis during the combine, Goodwin recorded a 4.27 in the 40-yard dash, the fastest of any player at this non-event event. 

This season in Austin, Goodwin carried the ball 13 times for 167 yards (net 140) with three touchdowns. He averaged 10.8 yards per carry. He ranked third on the team in receptions with 26 for 340 yards and three touchdowns.

Can someone explain why Mack Brown didn't get the football more to this man?

Is there a direct correlation between a fast 40-yard dash at the NFL combine and future success on the football field in the National Football League?

Goodwin's 4.27 is the second-fastest time in the 40 at the combine since 2006. It all but ensures he will play for the Oakland Raiders.

Here is a look at the fastest 40 times since 2006, and the respective careers.

1. Chris Johnson, 2008, 4.24 ... RB drafted 24th in the 1st round. Has played in every game but one since his rookie year in 2008. In that time he's rushed for 6,888 yards with 44 TDs and averaged 4.7 yards per carry.

2. Jacoby Ford, 2010, 4.28 ... KR drafted in the 4th round by the Oakland Raiders. Used primarily as a kick returner. Returned four kicks for TDs between '10 and '11. Spent last season with Raiders but did not play.

3. DeMarcus Van Dyke, 2011, 4.28 ... DB drafted in 3rd round by the Raiders. Played in 14 games for the Raiders in '11 and had one INT. Spent last season with the Pittsburgh Steelers where he played in nine games.

4. Yamon Figurs, 2007, 4.30 ... WR drafted in the 3rd round by the Baltimore Ravens. Was in the NFL from '07 to '10 and played for Ravens, Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Bucs, Cleveland Browns and Raiders. Appeared in a total of 34 games and used almost exclusively as a returner.

S.heyward-bey.12215. Darrius Heyward-Bey, 2009, 4.30 ... WR drafted 7th overall by Raiders. Has played in 56 games with Raiders; has 140 receptions with 2,071 yards and 11 TDs.

6. Tye Hill, 2006, 4.30 ... DB drafted 15th overall by the St. Louis Rams. Played 3 seasons for the Rams before spending '09 with the Atlanta Falcons and '10 with the Detroit Lions. Appeared in a total of 40 NFL games.

7. Tyvon Branch, 2008, 4.31 ... DB drafted by the Raiders in fourth round. Has appeared in 70 games, including 61 starts, for the Raiders from 2008 through the '12 season.

8. Johnathan Joseph, 2006, 4.31 ... DB drafted 24th overall by the Cincinnati Bengals. Was a starter for the Bengals from '06 to '10. Has spent the last two seasons as a starter for the Houston Texans.

9. Justin King, 2008, 4.31 ...DB drafted in the 4th round by the Rams. Spent three seasons with the Rams; split last season with the Indianapolis Colts and Steelers.

10. Jason Hill, 2007, 4.32 ... WR drafted in the 3rd round by the San Francisco 49ers. Spent three season with the 49ers. Played in 6 games for the Jacksonville Jaguars in '10 and all of the '11 season. Appeared in three games in '12 for the New York Jets.


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Mack could not get the ball to him more for the same reason he had Henry Melton lining up as a fullback when he was a Longhorn....Mack has no clue on developing players.

Andrew from Fort Worth

Mack Brown is an idiot. That's why this kid didn't see the ball more.

On a positive note; this kid can fly. He has speed to burn. He has soft hands.

My bet says he plays 3 to 6 years and get crushed into dust every time he touches the ball.

You can't coach speed but he is crazy small. He will get a few years in The League. Love his game. I hope he gets the ball some. Great locker room guy. Exciting with the ball. Good guy.


Mac engel need to learn your football. The late owner Al Davis of the oakland raiders was in love with fast guys. The new regime is not, they want smart and real football players. People insisting the raiders aee gonna draft fast guys left two years ago when al davis died. The raiders are also full of young exciting wideouts already. There is little to no chance at all the raiders will draft this guy.

The Big Mac Blog

To NNRDR 798 -
I know Al was speed crazy, and that he's also gone from this earth. I was merely having a little fun with the team's thirst for track guys.


Who's the genius that wrote this article? I'm sure Al was in heaven salivating over the impressive 40 times at this years combine. However, he will not be doing the drafting for the Raiders anymore because he is no longer with us. I think we saw proof of that last year when the new regime drafted Juron Criner, who ran a 4.68.


13 carries for 167 yards= 12.8 yards/ carry, not 10.8.


Not only is Ricky correct to point out that Al Davis & his emphasis on speed no longer present, but AD preferred the combination of size & speed at WR. He would have thought Goodwin rather short. If they go after a WR, it will likely be a veteran, not another guy who needs to learn the pro game. They will likely use their picks on positions of need, on defense & the O-line.


I wasnt try to come at u negatively. I know your just having fun with your blog. I think has raider fans were tired of people talking about speed and our draft picks. And people saying the raiders are a mess and they always will be. The crazy drafting for track stars is done in oakland and so is the mess now its a slow re building progress for the new regime. However I do like this kid. He looks like he can be utilized like a wes welker type. Good luck with ur blog.

cease and desist

You hate The Raiders. Well fear The Raider Nation!!! We will not read your blog. We will ban together, boycott you, and all your writings and teachings. We have done it before and we will do it again. Fear the Raider Nation. The Silver and Black should not be messed with. We are like a cult. A group bound together to cheer for our team. STOP SAYING BAD THINGS ABOUT US IMMEDIATELY OR WE WILL MAKE YOU SORRY YOU SAID BAD STUFF ABOUT US!

halloween horrors

i hate this blog. i hate mak ingal. horrible story.

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