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Mavericks trade Didn'tKnowHim for He'sInTheLeague?

155950199.0_standard_352.0The Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team remains cleaning up their own mess of blowing up their title team to make a run at Deron Williams, who is busy being overrated with the Brooklyn Beyonce's.

At the NBA's trade deadline today, the Mavericks dealt swingman Dahntay Jones to the Atlanta Hawks not for Josh Smith but for guard Anthony Morrow.

Hello, Western Conference Finals.

Morrow is 27, and in 24 games this season has averaged 5.2 points and 1.1 rebounds. The 6-foot-5 guard has played for the Golden State Warriors, New Jersey Nets and Hawks since he entered the league in 2008. Most really good players play for four teams in five seasons. He has dealt with hip and back injuries this season.

Jones was part of the trade last summer with the Indiana Pacers that also brought in guard Darren Collison. In 50 games this season, Jones has averaged 3.5 points and 1.4 rebounds.

Both players have expiring contracts.

The move does nothing. The Mavs are obviously going all in with their love-fest for Los Angeles Lakers prospective free agent, center Dwight Howard.

Not sure if D12 is going to be enticed by: "Listen, Dwight, we've got Anthony Morrow. You are all that's left."


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Terry S.

Well said. With Morrow the Mavs can likely pay Dwight Howard less. Morrow is a real show stopper and a real enticement for any big time free agent to come to Dallas. Next stop NBA Champs!

"The" Reggie from Arlington

Jones can play. I'm telling you. The kid has skillz and he has a LeBron body. Think of him as a poor man's LeBron but raw. Give him time. Let him heal up. This kid is the real deal. Trust me when I say, he will make it in The League and be a huge find for the Mavs. Cuban knew what he was getting with this playa.

game over

this guy is gone after the next draft. he is lucky the nba sucks bad enough to have a spot for him.

Dan M. @ Austin

BOOM! goes the dynamite. This kid can play. Get him healthy and some serious starting time minutes and he will be solid. I love his game. Give him some a serious starting role and the Mav's will be grateful for picking this kid up.

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